These are the best Dutch hot sauces

When we think of Dutch cuisine, we quickly think of mashed potato dishes or a plate with potatoes, (over-cooked) vegetables and a piece of meat. A bit bland and certainly not spicy at all. Not really our favourite cuisine, but although we are not known for our spicy food, we are very good at making […]

7 reasons to eat more spicy food like hot sauce & peppers

I don’t think you need any extra reasons to eat more hot sauce, because it’s the stuff of dreams. Still, it’s not only the flavour and burn which makes it so great. It’s also very healthy to eat spicy foods like hot sauce and/or peppers. These are 7 of them. Live longer The New York […]

Staff picks: our favourite hot sauces at the moment

In this Staff Picks we will shine our lights on our favourite products of the moment. Mostly hot sauces, but every now and then we choose other spicy products that you can get on our webstore. So scroll down, get to know us and find out which products (and why) have been chosen as our […]

This is how you remove hot sauce stains out of your clothes

Eating food can get a bit messy and that also applies to food with your favourite hot sauce on it. It’s a huge waste of hot sauce of course, but also a bit of a waste of the clothes. Unfortunately, you can’t get the sauce back, but you can still save the clothes. Fortunately, there […]

4 reasons why hot sauce should be on the table for Christmas dinner

You probably won’t think about hot sauce when you think about a classic Christmas dinner, but if you ask us, it should become an essential from this year on. We give four reasons why this will be the year hot sauce should make its debut on the Christmas dinner table. Even tastier food Reason number […]

A list with the spiciest Christmas gifts

Are you still looking for a nice Christmas gift for yourself or someone else? A spicy gift is always a good idea and very original; exciting, fun and delicious. But what are the best spicy gifts? We have selected a number of them and of course also explain why. Raijmakers Heetmakers There are a number […]

These are the 3 best sauces for a hot sauce beginner

Are you curious about hot sauce but a little careful when it comes to the very hot ones? Understandable. It is better to start with a few good sauces that have great flavour, but are mild to medium hot in terms of heat levels. Below we list three hot sauces that may signal the start […]

The best hot sauces for pizza & pasta

As a big fan of Italian cuisine, we can say that we eat pizza and/or pasta every week. Despite the refined flavours, they are often dishes that are not too complicated in terms of ingredients and the Italians will agree with that. Few ingredients, but those ingredients must be of top quality and in perfect […]

These are the best hot sauces for your tacos and nachos

For many people, pretty much every Tuesday is sacred, because of Taco Tuesday. We totally understand the love for tacos (and nachos). Not only because it’s pretty much the ultimate hot sauce vehicle, but also because you can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, there are many different versions and toppings possible, […]

The 3 essential burger hot sauces to celebrate ‘International Hamburger Day’!

If you love hamburgers, than you should be celebrating this day (May 28th 2021), because it’s ‘International Hamburger Day’! We’re not talking about chicken burgers or fish burgers, but the one and only beef burgers. In my opinion (Stan) burgers are comfort food number one and I like to make a burger for myself (and others) […]

Heatsupply’s hot sauce gift guide

Are you new to hot sauce and/or do you want to give someone hot sauce as a gift? It can be quite difficult to choose the right hot sauces. How hot is it? How much heat can I or another person handle? What kind of flavors are there? With what do I eat hot sauce? […]

This is the perfect way to put hot sauce on your chicken wings

As a fan of hot sauce you’re probably also a fan of chicken wings. Ofcourse because it’s one of the greatest combo ever, but also because of Hot Ones. It seems to be a lot harder than it seems to combine the two in a perfect way though, because we often get the question how […]

Having trouble sleeping during hot nights? Eat hot sauce

We all know how hard it can be to fall asleep during a hot summer night and it seems like we are getting some hot nights this week again. During the daytime that means to use sunscreen or search for some shadow, but during the night it often gets even harder. Especially when temperatures don’t […]

Mouth on fire after eating hot food? These 5 things will help you cool down

Did you go a little too hard on the hot sauce? That can cause your mouth to feel like it’s on fire. We like the burning sensation, but it can become too much. At that point you will want something to ease the pain/fire. These 5 things will help you. Dairy Capsaicin is the chemical […]

Which hot sauces pair best with your (Easter) eggs?

For Christians, Easter is the day Jesus’ resurrection is celebrated. For non-believers it’s mostly a great excuse to eat a lot and what is better for an Easter breakfast than a delicious egg. Nothing ofcourse. Especially when you hit that sweet spot where it’s not boiled to hard or soft. But even then there is […]

5 spicy (hot sauce) ideas to get through the quarantine period

We’re experiencing tough and bizarre times ladies and gentlemen. The corona virus has caused social life to grind to a halt and all over the world people are asked by their government to stay inside as much as they can. Also, when you do have 1 or 2 people over, keep distance from each other. […]

Do you have to store hot sauce in the fridge or not?

By now you have collected a serious amount of different hot sauces, but where do you store them? Just on a shelf above the counter or should you store them in the fridge? To prevent that you end up with half full bottles that passed their best before date you should check out the following […]

This is how you combine hot sauce and burgers – Hot Sauce on Everything

In Hot Sauce on Everything we are going on a search for the best hot sauces for certain iconic dishes. In the first episode we visited De Burger & Beef and the Wingman in Eindhoven to talk about the golden combination of hot sauce and burgers. Together we’re looking at what a perfect burger is […]

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