These 4 cocktails are extra tasty with some hot sauce in it!

Hot sauce cocktails

Normally when you think of cocktails and hot sauce you might think of putting out the fire in your mouth, but did you know that the two go very well together? Spicy cocktails are really a thing and if you open up to them, a whole new world opens up. That doesn’t mean it has to be super spicy, but the combination of the fresh, savory and sweet flavors combine wonderfully with a little bit of spice in your cocktail. These are 4 hot sauce cocktails that you can easily recreate at home.

Bloody Mary

A classic cocktail  based on tomato juice and vodka, with extra additions such as worcestershire sauce and celery. Tabasco is even used regularly in the original recipe, but in this example a somewhat hotter sauce is used. The Raijmakers Heetmakers Brain Buzzer , made with Carolina Reaper peppers. It goes very well with it anyway, because this hot sauce also has a base of tomato. The perfect cocktail for any time of year. From summer to the dead of winter, this stuff hits the spot.


Another cocktail based on tomato juice, but this time in combination with a nice summer beer. This Latin American cocktail is already spicy in itself, because the original recipe already uses hot sauce and chili powder. In this recipe, the cocktail is made with the slightly smoky and deliciously spicy Raijmakers Heetmakers Tranquilizer hot sauce. The perfect cocktail for beer and hot sauce lovers. This is how you make it at home.


The Margarita is the most refreshing and summery of the bunch. In addition, it is probably the most famous of them all and one of the easiest to make with only 3 ingredients: Tequila and Cointreau are combined with lime juice, but then it is not spicy. That is why we prefer an extra ingredient: the Raijmakers Heetmakers Immune Booster hot sauce, made with jalapeño, lime and gin. Refreshing and very slightly spicy. The perfect summer cocktail that you can make in no time.

Moscow Mule

The name suggests that this cocktail originated in Russia, but it is really the United States. It was difficult for a businessman to sell his vodka there and to make it more interesting for the Americans, it was combined with ginger beer. Thus a classic was born. However, we have found a way to make it even tastier: with Jalapeño and Queen Majesty Scotch Bonnet & Ginger hot sauce. Check out this video and find out how to make this delicious cocktail.

Looking for more hot sauce inspiration? On our recipes page you will find more than enough ideas, so you can you ahead!

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