This is the perfect way to put hot sauce on your chicken wings

this is how you put hot sauce on chicken wings

As a fan of hot sauce you’re probably also a fan of chicken wings. Ofcourse because it’s one of the greatest combo ever, but also because of Hot Ones. It seems to be a lot harder than it seems to combine the two in a perfect way though, because we often get the question how to add hot sauce to your chicken wings? Just pour it all over them and accept that one wing or side of the wing is way better covered than the other? We have a better and faster idea which is also perfect for if you want to recreate the Hot Ones challenge at home.

Distribute evenly

To make sure that every wing is evenly covered in hot sauce you throw the wings in a big (warm) bowl. Stainless steel would be the best choice. Now pour the sauce of your choice over the desired wings and cover the bowl with a plate or lid. Then it’s time to shake the bowl with the wings and sauce. This shaking will make sure that the sauce will be evenly distributed on all the wings. Way better and faster than saucing every individual wing with the hand in your bottle, right?

After that you can toss the wings back in the oven for a little while. This way the sauce will get a bit more sticky to the wing and it will be less messy. If you don’t want to wait and put them in the oven again, you can also attack immediately! In the video down below ou can check out this handy tip. Good luck and bon appetit!

We already mentioned that hot sauce & chicken wings are maybe the best combo ever, so ofcourse we have loads of hot sauces that go perfectly with wings. If you like it sweet, than this Habanero sauce with tropical fruit is great. Prefer a smokey hot sauce with chipotle and whiskey in it? Or do you just want to recreate the full Hot Ones Challenge with your friends and family? It’s all possible at Heatsupply!

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