Why does spicy food give you a runny nose?

It has probably happened to you; after eating spicy food you were sniffling a lot. A runny nose can be a logical consequence of (slightly too) spicy food. But how is that possible? You don’t put the food up your nose and yet it seems as if that hot sauce has broken open a dam […]

Official: “Pepper X” is the new hottest pepper in the world

It took years, but since yesterday (16-10-2023) the Carolina Reaper has been replaced by the Pepper X as the hottest pepper in the world. The creator of this facemelting hot pepper, Ed Currie, who is also the famous guy behind the Carolina Reaper pepper, worked on the Pepper X for no less than 10 years. […]

The full list of Hot Ones sauces from all seasons of the show

Hot Ones. It’s the show with hot questions and even hotter wings, but it’s also the show that started it all for Heatsupply. It gave us the idea to sell the hot sauces we saw on the show, but couldn’t find anywhere in Europe. By now we have a lot of (ex) Hot Ones sauces […]

Time lapse of a Carolina seed to the (former) hottest pepper in the world

We wouldn’t blame you if you’ve always thought that extremely hot peppers like the Carolina Reaper come straight from hell, because the intense heat that this (former) hottest pepper in the world produces doesn’t seem to come from this Earth. Yet they are, and like so many other vegetables, they grow from a seed. In […]

Heatsupply’s hottest of 2022: your favourite hot sauces & more!

As we are working towards Chrismas and the countdown to 2023 has almost started already, we are looking back at 2022. We’ll do that with a few spicy end-of-year lists, because those are just as much part of the December months as Christmas itself. So what were the most popular hot sauces on Heatsupply? Which […]

Awarding Heatsupply points stops at July 1st

As we all notice, we are dealing with sky-high inflation all over the world, making just about everything much more expensive. We also notice that and especially since we import a lot of products from America, the hot sauces have become a lot more expensive to buy. In addition to inflation, this is also due […]

“What is the hottest sauce you have?”

We regularly get the question “What is the hottest sauce you have?”. From this we conclude that you are either a very experienced chili head and only want to eat the hottest sauces, or that you just want to experience what it is like to go completely broke or that you want to take revenge […]

These are the 5 most popular peppers in hot sauces

Without peppers there is no hot sauce, so it’s a good thing that there are an incredible number of different peppers. They differ not only in heat, but also in taste. With so much choice, it can be quite difficult to determine the perfect pepper to go with the rest of the ingredients in a […]

Where do the names of the most famous peppers come from?

Just like how the makers of hot sauces think of the craziest names for their sauces, the peppers themselves have some pretty special names as well. Sometimes they are just straight up frightning, like the Ghost Pepper, Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina Reaper. Where do those names come from? We have searched for the meanings behind […]

What is Hot Honey and how do you use it?

Hot Honey, it’s a trend that’s been going on in the United States for years, but here in Europe it is still growing. Are you even familiar with it? Well, that it’s spicy honey won’t surprise you, but do you know where it’s from and how to use it? That’s what we are going to […]

This is how chilis got spicy (and why we love them so much!)

You probably already know that peppers are spicy. It’s probably reason number 1 why we eat them. Also because they are super tasty and because they can be used in many ways, but do you also know why the pepper evolved into the spicy version we know today? And have you ever wondered why it’s […]

Heatsupply 2020 in numbers: top 10 hot sauces, countries & more!

What a year 2020 has been. A bizarre year for everyone with a lot of downs, but a very nice up: you have been eating (or drinking) more hot sauce than ever. We want to thank you for supporting Heatsupply and ordering your hot sauces right here. In the meantime 2021 has already started, but […]

Slight increase of some prices due to increased import tariffs on American sauces

Here at Heatsupply we always try to offer our customers the best and most popular hot sauces from all over the world and most of them come from the United States. The hot sauce scene has been huge there for decennia, so it’s not that crazy that the most popular brands are from the US. […]

Meet the Apollo pepper: the world’s newest hottest pepper!?

A few seasons ago, Sean Evans revealed the new hot sauces for the 13th season of Hot Ones. Down below you can watch the full reveal, in which we saw a few familiar brands and sauces, but the biggest surprise of all was the new number 10: The Last Dab Apollo. Back then, this was […]

How does the Hot Ones team research their guests?

Hot Ones is ofcourse known for their genius twist to ‘boring’ celebrity interviews by using hot sauces to get them out of their comfort zone, but also for the questions Sean Evans asks them. Not only by the viewers, but also by the guests themselves. They must put a lot of time in to that […]

Having trouble sleeping during hot nights? Eat hot sauce

We all know how hard it can be to fall asleep during a hot summer night and it seems like we are getting some hot nights this week again. During the daytime that means to use sunscreen or search for some shadow, but during the night it often gets even harder. Especially when temperatures don’t […]

A list of the hottest peppers in the world, ranked by Scoville Heat Units

If you have been familiar with hot sauces and peppers, then you’ll probably have an idea of which ones are the really hot peppers and which ones are mild. Maybe you even know the names of those peppers and know how hot they are exactly. That heat is measured in Scoville Heat Units (SHU), which […]

These are the 5 phases every hot sauce lover has gone through

When you have had your first hot sauce experience, it seems as if there is no way back. It starts with something you’re curious about and just want to try once, but it ends in an addiction. Before you get to that last phase (of an addict, in a good way) you will go through […]

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