Heatsupply’s hot sauce gift guide

hot sauce gift guide by heatsupply

Are you new to hot sauce and/or do you want to give someone hot sauce as a gift? It can be quite difficult to choose the right hot sauces. How hot is it? How much heat can I or another person handle? What kind of flavors are there? With what do I eat hot sauce? Just a few questions that ‘hot sauce beginners’ have. We will try to help you find your way into the hot sauce world with a few basics. 

What heat level to choose?

This depends on the experience with spicy food. If you really like spicy food and you use peppers or something like sambal to spice up your food, you can definitely skip the ‘Mild’ category. ‘Medium hot’ shouldn’t be a problem for you as well, but we still advise to start there or in the ‘Hot’ category. From there on out you can try to go hotter and hotter.

If you are not experienced with spicy food then we recommend to start with the ‘Mild’ or ‘Medium hot’ sauces. They have (very) little spice, but maximum flavor. From there on out you can start to get used to some heat. 

How do the heat categories work?

The heat of peppers and hot sauces is usually measured in Scoville Heat Units (scientific name), but most sauces don’t have an official Scoville rating. That’s why we created 5 categories ourselves: mild, medium hot, hot, very hot and extremely hot.

Spicyness can be different for everybody (everyone experiences heat differently), but we try to make clear how spicy something is based on these categories and our own experiences. Mild is for beginners and you’ll hardly find any heat in this category. From medium hot, where you’ll find something like Sriracha type of heat, we’ll go up to extremely hot. You can compare mild to extremely hot with 1 flame up to 5 flames. 

With what types of food do I use hot sauce?

It’s safe to say that hot sauce is the most versatile condiment of all. From pasta’s to hamburgers, from soups to currys, we eat hot sauce with everything. And when you pair the right hot sauce with the right dish it will only enhance the flavor of your dish. You can use it while cooking or just as a table sauce. Especially with extremely hot sauces we recommend using it while cooking.

What flavor(s) to choose?

You can filter the hot sauces we sell by their flavor profile. We have categorized 5 different flavors: sweet, savoury, sour/tart, smokey and umami. This way we try to help you find the perfect hot sauce for your preferences. Also, at the product page of almost all hot sauces we recommend a few dishes that particular hot sauce tastes great on.  

You should be ready to dip your toes into the wondrous world of hot sauce by now, so let’s start. Go check out our hot sauce offering and find your perfect match or the perfect gift. On the website you can also find the top 10 hot sauces of the previous month, great recipes with hot sauce and additional info. Down below you will find our selection of best spicy gifts (click on the image to go to the product).

Raijmakers Heetmakers 4 pack

The third pack we want to put the spotlights on is Raijmakers Heetmakers. They are Dutch sauces with great flavors, but what makes this pack so suitable as a gift is the beautiful packaging of the bottles. That will make everyone happy. Even the ones who aren’t really into hot sauce.

Hot Ones packs

Ofcourse we also have a great selection of (ex) Hot Ones sauces for the biggest Hot Ones fans. Especially for these fans we created a few Hot Ones packs, varying from 4, 6 to 10 sauces. Just like in the show they start quite mild and build up to extremely hot sauces, like Da Bomb Beyond Insanity. A must try for the real fans.

Heatsupply's hot sauce gift guide

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