Having trouble sleeping during hot nights? Eat hot sauce

eating hot sauce

We all know how hard it can be to fall asleep during a hot summer night and it seems like we are getting some hot nights this week again. During the daytime that means to use sunscreen or search for some shadow, but during the night it often gets even harder. Especially when temperatures don’t drop below 20 degrees (Celsius), it’s hard to fall asleep. There seems to be a surprising sollution though, which is also very delicious: spicy food.

Hot sauce to fight hot nights

In conversation with NU.nl, sleeping expert Winni Hofman from Somnio gives a few tips & tricks to fight the hot nights. “A spicy curry as evening meal might sound a bit odd, but it’s very normal in a lot of countries with tropical climates. Spicy food makes you sweat and that makes your body cool down.” So make sure to make your meals during the evening extra spicy, for example by pouring your favorite hot sauce all over it.

Most might think that a cold preparation to a hot night would be best, but that’s actually not advised. “A warm shower before you go to bed will help you cool down. A cold shower might feel good at first, but it stimulates the blood circulation, which makes you feel hot after the shower. A warm shower opens the pores and that enables the heat to escape from the body,” says Hofman.

So the message is clear: make sure to go for hot & spicy food and a hot shower before you go to bed during a hot night. Have a good night!

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