These are the best Dutch hot sauces

beste nederlandse hot sauces dutch hot sauces

When we think of Dutch cuisine, we quickly think of mashed potato dishes or a plate with potatoes, (over-cooked) vegetables and a piece of meat. A bit bland and certainly not spicy at all. Not really our favourite cuisine, but although we are not known for our spicy food, we are very good at making hot sauces. That’s why the Dutch hot sauces definitely deserve their place in the spotlight and we think these are the best.

Raijmakers Heetmakers

With four different flavours and unique packaging, Raijmakers Heetmakers from the south-east of Brabant has quickly become one of the favourite brands in our shop. Especially the Heat Enhancer (Chipotle, Habanero & Whiskey) is very popular and this sauce is the best rated hot sauce in our shop. But the fresh & acidic Immune Booster, all-round Tranquilizer and super hot Brain Buzzer are also doing well with hot sauce fans.

White Whale Sauces

Straight out of Eindhoven, the White Whale Sauces brand comes with delicious flavours and fun names. How about Limonhello with lemon & Madame Jeanette peppers, Chipolacha with Chipotle peppers & chipolata herbs or Teqiwi with tequila & kiwi? They also recently released a collaboration with brewery 100 Watt based on an award-winning quadruple beer. Bold combinations and top quality.

Nondedju Hete Saus

A hat trick for Brabant, because Nondedju Hete Saus comes from Breda. Jeroen, the owner, started selling sausage (Dokter Worst) on the streets of Breda and at some point started selling hot sauce with these sausages. The sauce was so well received that he started the Nondedju hot sauce brand and from day 1 this brand has been part of Heatsupply. The brand now has 5 different flavors, but the original is still our favorite!

El Jefe Primo Salsa

From Brabant to the capital, because of course Amsterdam is also represented in the list of the best Dutch hot sauces. The recognizable bottles with Mexican branding have been a household name in the Dutch hot sauce world for years. And rightly so, because despite the affordable prices, the sauces are of top quality. Our favorite is the 7 Pot Brain Strain, but be sure to check out the other flavours as well!


We currently only have one hot sauce from this brand from The Hague in our range, but we liked it so much that we had it in our Heatsupply subscription box. Cherry wood smoked apricots are combined with Chipotle Morita peppers and grilled carrot & garlic. Sounds delicious already, right? That’s why we do not rule out that more of this brand will be added soon.

The O.G. hot sauce by Heatupply

Finally, we would of course also like to mention our own hot sauce: The O.G. hot sauce. It is our version of an original hot sauce and it has become a versatile flavour bomb. Lots of red Jalapeños and Habaneros, fried onion, cumin, garlic and black pepper make this an accessible sauce for beginners to the real OGs. This sauce will soon be a staple in your fridge.

Sample package Dutch hot sauces

That’s quite a few, right? Not bad for such a small country. Almost too many to make a choice and that’s why we’re happy to help you. We have put together the hot sauce box – Holland’s Heat with 5 of the best Dutch hot sauces. Varied in taste and heat. The perfect way to get acquainted with the best Dutch hot sauces.

dutch hot sauces box

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