Europe’s number 1 in Hot Sauce!

“I always had to bring my hot sauces from my holidays in the USA, but now I can just order them in Europe”, or “I was always paying a lot of shipping to get the best American hot sauces, but this is way cheaper!”

Do you know how often we get to hear this? More than once a week. We had the same problem a few years ago. There was almost no possility to buy great hot sauces in The Netherlands or in the rest of Europe, so we decided to start selling them ourselves. We started with only a couple of brands, but nowadays we have more than 100 different hot sauces ready be shipped all over Europe.

Let’s make Europe spicy (again)!

It has become our personal mission to make Europe more spicy again. The sensation and amazing flavours of the hot sauces we sell is something we think everybody deserves. Hot sauces gives your food such an amazing extra dimension! We feel blessed that more and more people from all over Europe have found their way to our big and exclusive offer of hot sauces. From Germany to Portugal, from Finland to France, we are shipping to over 20 countries every month.

What people say about us

Below you’ll find some examples of reviews that customers have placed on our Kiyoh page.

  • Phill (UK): Ordered some hard to get hot sauce. Delivered to the Uk no problems and very quick. Thank you. Will be ordering again
  • Paul (from Paris, France): I’m really pleased with the selection offered. I went a little crazy and order a bunch of sauces. The bottles were delivered within a few days and were well packaged. Each bottle was individually wrapped with plenty of packing peanuts to cushion everything. Professionally done for sure. Highly recommend these guys.
  • Vlad (Bruxelles, Belgium): Great selection of products, with very good description and nice website, will order again.
  • Eduard (Germany): I’ve ordered multiple times from Heatsupply and never had any issues. The products usually arrived much sooner than anticipated. Also they have a lot of popular products to choose from. Can’t complain ‘nor do I have any issues with them.
  • Paul (Stourbridge, UK): Top Notch service, communication, delivery, price.
  • Luke (Umeå, Sweden): We’ve now ordered sauces on two occasions. On both, the order has been fast (and we’re in Sweden), the bottles packaged superbly, and the product exactly what we hoped. I’ve recommended to multiple people in my social circle. About to make a third order right now. – as a note, I highly recommend Marie Sharp’s Hot Habanero sauce. We’re completely addicted and use it on EVERYTHING. But in my opinion, its especially good for eggs!
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