Europe’s number 1 in Hot Sauce!

“I always had to bring my hot sauces from my holidays in the USA, but now I can just order them in Europe”, or “I was always paying a lot of shipping to get the best American hot sauces, but this is way cheaper!”

Do you know how often we get to hear this? More than once a week. We had the same problem a few years ago. There was almost no possility to buy great hot sauces in The Netherlands or in the rest of Europe, so we (Freek & Stan) decided to start selling them ourselves. We started with only a couple of brands, but nowadays we are Europe’s number 1 hot sauce store with more than 150 different hot sauces ready to be shipped all over Europe.

A hot sauce for everyone!

It is our mission to make everyone familiar with hot sauce. And by that we really mean everyone, because we are convinced that we have a hot sauce for everyone. Very mild sauces for people ‘who don’t like spicy at all’, fruity hot sauces for lovers of a refreshing sauce, sweet hot sauces for those with a sweet tooth and extremely hot sauces for the most seasoned hot heads. Everyone should be able to enjoy the extra dimension hot sauce adds to your food. It adds a whole new dimension to your food, because apart from making your food tastier, it also makes it more fun and exciting!

If you have any questions or need a suggestion, you can always email us or contact us via our social media. Curious about what people think of our service and hot sauce offering? On Kiyoh you will find all reviews about Heatsupply.

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