This is how you put together the perfect hot sauce challenge

If you want to organize something challenging and fun with your friends, then a hot sauce challenge is the perfect choice. There are always people in the group who cannot handle spicy food very well andthis way they are forced to push boundaries. Also, it creates hilarious moments. But the ladies and gentlemen who say […]

Heatsupply wrapped 2023: your favourite hot sauces and more!

The end of the year is now in sight and that means that list time has already arrived for a while.We participate in this with great pleasure, because looking back on the year and all the wonderful things that have happened is simply important. What were the most popular hot sauces on Heatsupply? How many […]

Reapers & zombies: these are the best Halloween hot sauces

Halloween is coming and although it is not celebrated in Europe as they do in America, for example, but we do like to give it some extra attention. Hot sauce in itself is a bit of an “American thing” and a large part of our range comes from the United States. Perhaps it’s not entirely […]

Heatsupply & Eten Met Nick present: Nick’s Hatsas

After a long process with a lot of tasting and especially a lot of love, we developed a hot sauce together with Nicky Toet from the awesome YouTube channel Eten Met Nick. Or as Nick himself would say; a hatsas (his pronounciation of hot sauce). Pretty soon in Nick’s YouTube career we found out that […]

Time lapse of a Carolina seed to the (former) hottest pepper in the world

We wouldn’t blame you if you’ve always thought that extremely hot peppers like the Carolina Reaper come straight from hell, because the intense heat that this (former) hottest pepper in the world produces doesn’t seem to come from this Earth. Yet they are, and like so many other vegetables, they grow from a seed. In […]

4 reasons why hot sauce should be on the table for Christmas dinner

You probably won’t think about hot sauce when you think about a classic Christmas dinner, but if you ask us, it should become an essential from this year on. We give four reasons why this will be the year hot sauce should make its debut on the Christmas dinner table. Even tastier food Reason number […]

This guy broke 3 world records pepper eating in 1 year

Although we can handle quite a bit of heat in terms of hot sauces, we think eating a pure Carolina Reaper pepper is still a step too far for us. Let alone eating 10 Carolina Reaper peppers in the shortest possible time. Gregory Foster, a man from California, thought that was a good idea and […]

All ‘hot sauce remidies’ from Gordon Ramsay’s Hot Ones episode analysed

Saying that the YouTube series Hot Ones has grown into a true phenomenon is still putting it mildly (pun intended), especially if you look at the ‘view-count’ of the episode with Gordon Ramsay. At the time of writing, the milestone of 100 million views has just been reached, making it the first Hot Ones video […]

These are the 5 best Hot Ones quarantine episodes (based on views)

The disadvantages of the corona crisis are endless, but the quarantine episodes of Hot Ones are definitely one of them. We still watch (almost) every episode, but it simply loses some of its charm if Sean and the guest are not actually sitting at the same table. They really try to make the most of […]

Heatsupply’s Hot Sauce Show – Episode 3

After a short break of a month we’re back with the third episode of the Hot Sauce Show! We are going to talk about the usual and that is hot sauce, hot sauce and more hot sauce. Our favorite hot sauces we’ll be discussed and after that we are focussing on your answers to the […]

Heatsupply’s Hot Sauce Show – Episode 2

Welcome to our second episode of the Hot Sauce Show. In this show we exclusively talk about hot sauce and the content is mainly decided by you guys. First we are going to discuss our favorite hot sauces of the previous month and after that it’s time for the Spicy Statements & Random Hot Questions […]

Heatsupply’s Hot Sauce Show – Episode 1

Welcome to our first episode of the Hot Sauce Show. In this ‘show’ we are going to talk about, drumroll please…, hot sauce! We are going to take our time to talk about it and we’ll do that with a few returning elements. Heatsupply’s Hot Sauce Show – Episode 1 We will start with picking […]

5 reasons why there should always be hot sauce present at your work

With the Corona virus more and more under control there is a good chance you can go to your work more often. Fun to see your colleagues ofcourse, but if there is no hot sauce present that’s a big bummer. If it is present: good job! If not: here’s 5 reasons why there should always […]

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