These are the 3 best sauces for a hot sauce beginner

hot sauces voor beginners

Are you curious about hot sauce but a little careful when it comes to the very hot ones? Understandable. It is better to start with a few good sauces that have great flavour, but are mild to medium hot in terms of heat levels. Below we list three hot sauces that may signal the start of a very tasty and healthy addiction.

Marie Sharp’s Mild Habanero

When people ask for a tasty alternative to Tabasco, Marie Sharp’s (and Cholula, which we’ll get to later) is pretty much the first thing we mention. This brand is known for its super fresh taste and minimal use of vinegar. This allows you to taste the delicious habanero peppers best, but also the refined taste of the other ingredients. This Marie Sharp’s Mild Habanero is the entry-level model in terms of heat and if you want to go a step further, Marie Sharp’s Hot Habanero is a good option.


A legend in the game. Cholula is a pretty straight forward tex-mex hot sauce that is extremely popular in America and Mexico. The sauce is a bit more sour than Marie Sharp’s, but still has a very good flavour. Very tasty with everything from pizza to tacos. And with its wooden cap it has an iconic look.

The O.G. hot sauce

A bit hotter than the two before, but still quite medium in spiciness and super all-round: the O.G. hot sauce by Heatsupply. This hot sauce was developed by ourselves with the idea in mind that we wanted to make a hot sauce for everyone. That’s why we used red Jalapeño, instead of super hot peppers like the Carolina Reaper or Trinidad Scorpion. The addition of garlic, fried onion, cumin and black pepper makes this hot sauce very versatile and above all very tasty.

the o.g. hot sauce by heatsupply saus

To help the beginner even more, we have put together the hot sauce theme box ‘mild’ with 3 great mild hot sauces. Feel free to also take a look at our full range mild hot sauces.

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