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With 150+ hot sauces we have a hot sauce for everyone.

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Every hot sauce is different and has its own qualities. Do you want to know which hot sauce is the perfect fit for you? Use our sauce-searcher to find out!

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In which heat categories may we look for your hot sauce?

The heat of a hot sauce is largely determined by the amount and type of pepper that is used in a sauce. For example, Jalapeño sauces are often quite mild, but Carolina Reapers usually make for extremely hot sauces. We have something for everyone. You can select multiple heat categories to increase the search results, but "be careful what you wish for".

I like it when my hot sauce has some acidity

The characteristic acidity in hot sauces is often created by the use of different types of vinegar, but sometimes also by citrus fruits such as lime.

I would like a hot sauce with a fruity flavour

Hot sauces are incredibly versatile, partly due to the use of the most diverse ingredients. That can also be fruity ingredients such as pineapple, mango, apple and so on.

My hot sauce should be smoky

The smoky flavours in hot sauce usually come from smoked peppers such as Chipotle, Guajillo and other mostly Mexican peppers. This tastes especially great with grilled food such as meat or vegetables.

I prefer sweeter sauces

Sweeter hot sauces usually contain ingredients such as sugar, honey, syrups or sweet fruits. These sauces are usually a bit less spicy, because the sweetness balances out the heat.

Should your hot sauce be vegan?

Sometimes animal products such as honey are used in hot sauces, making them unsuitable for vegans. These sauces are almost always suitable for vegetarians.

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Heatsupply are my go-to for all things hot sauce. Unreal stock and constantly updating the brands in their store. Really fast delivery too and always packaged well.

Aishling O'Flanagan, Amsterdam (NL)

I could not believe my eyes when I first discovered the website. The amount of sauces is huge with absolutely unbelievable amount of flavours. Obviously, if you are a fan of Hot Ones you will be able to try majority of the flavours.

Jonatan, Vienna (AT)

I was very impressed by the fast shipping within Europe! Arrived in 2 days to Berlin after placing the order.

Sabrina, Berlin (DE)
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