The 3 essential burger hot sauces to celebrate ‘International Hamburger Day’!

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If you love hamburgers, than you should be celebrating this day (May 28th 2021), because it’s ‘International Hamburger Day’! We’re not talking about chicken burgers or fish burgers, but the one and only beef burgers. In my opinion (Stan) burgers are comfort food number one and I like to make a burger for myself (and others) every Saturday. I won’t call myself a burger expert, but I would dare to call myself a hot sauce expert and that’s why I’ve made this list with 3 essential burger hot sauces you should have in your fridge.


classic (American style) hamburger is quite simple: a bun, lettuce, onion, pickle, tomato, ofcourse the burger with cheddar (or other cheese) and often a combo of mustard and ketchup as sauce. It can also contain of mayo and mustard, plus some spices, but mustard almost always has a role to play. An easy way to make your burger spicier is by replacing the mustard with a mustard-style hot sauce. This La Pimenterie Mustard & Beer Hot Sauce is a perfect example.

Chipotle hot sauce

Red meat (a beef burger is red meat) and smoky sauces almost always pair very well, so a burger and chipotle hot sauces work great too. Often chipotle sauces have a sweeter, barbecue style flavor and that is mainly a great choice when you are cooking your burgers on the BBQ on a summery day. The sweetness of these sauces also goes great with different types of cheese you can put on your burger.

Another chipotle related tip: mix the chipotle sauce with mayo for an easy and fast chipotle mayo, which goes great with burgers and fries as well. There are many great chipotle hot sauces, but we want to recommend these two: Dawson’s Big Smoke Chipotle and the Raijmakers Heetmakers Chipotle & Whiskey hot sauce.

Jalapeño hot sauce

One of our favorite burger toppings is a few slices of fresh Jalapeño. In case you don’t have them in the house at the moment suprême, you can replace them with a nice and fresh Jalapeño sauce. Preferably one without too many other ingredients. Heartbeat, Tia Lupita and Bravado all have great Jalapeño hot sauces that are more than fit for a delicious and spicy burger.

Make sure to celebrate this day with a burger and one of these hot sauce, because burgers have more than earned their day in the sun!

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