Shrimp Po’ Boy Sandwich

We figure there is a big chance you have never had or never heard of a Shrimp Po’ Boy sandwich. That’s a shame, because it’s a Cajun (Southern part of Louisiana) classic. Fried shrimp, a nice and acidic salad, Louisiana style hot sauce and mayonnaise. When put together those ingredients form something bigger than the […]

Double Smashed Patty Melt

Making burgers is something I (Stan) love to do. It is not too complicated, does not take too long and if you do everything right you will be rewarded with a delicious end product that you can eat by hand. There are also countless ways to make a burger, but it doesn’t get much easier […]

Cruacamole (AKA Crunchy Guacamole)

Never heard of cruacamole? Well, that doesn’t surprise us because it’s something we made up ourselves. Crunchy + guacamole = cruacamole. In any case, it is appropriate, because it is literally guacamole in a crunchy jacket. A bit like a Dutch ‘bitterbal’ with guacamole filling. Delicious for snacking and an additional advantage is that it […]

Hot (Sauce) Dogs

A hot dog is a classic among the street food category and maybe even stadium food number 1. An additional advantage is that you have already made one in a few minutes. We opted for a fairly classic hot dog with bacon, but we replaced the pickle with Heartbeat Dill Pickle & Serrano hot sauce and […]

Spicy BLT Sandwich

You will find a B.L.T. sandwich on just about every lunch menu. Because of this it may not really sound like an exciting sandwich anymore, but if you make it like we do, it certainly is. BLT stands for ‘Bacon, Lettuce & Tomato’, so those ingredients should remain the stars of the show. The way […]

Nashville Hot Chicken & Wafels

In our opinion, Nashville Hot Chicken is one of the tastiest chicken dishes, especially when served on a freshly made waffle. It’s not something you can order in many places in the Netherlands (or Europe), so let’s show you how to make it yourself! In the video below we forgot to rub the chicken with […]

Grilled Mac & Cheese Sandwich

Especially in the United States Mac & Cheese is a thing, but it is so easy to make that it deserves some extra attention here too. In our case, we make it into a grilled cheese. We understand that it sounds a bit redundant to make a sandwich out of this, but the cheese content […]

Chicken Banh Mi Sandwich

If you’ve been to Vietnam before, you’ve probably come across the Banh Mi sandwich. This sandwich is an icon in the Asian country, but despite that status there is not really one specific traditional way to make it. At food trucks in Vietnam it is therefore possible that you get a slightly different sandwich at […]

Spicy Italian Grilled Cheese

We think a grilled cheese with ham is getting a bit boring and that’s why we like to experiment with grilled cheese sandwiches. This Spicy Italian grilled cheese has become one of our favorites in no time. The cheese part of the sandwich has been replaced by mozzarella and the ham is replaced by spreadable […]

Brie Croissant with Bacon Jam & Hot Honey

A croissant with a fruity jam is already delicious for breakfast or lunch, but we have come up with a much better option: a croissant with brie, bacon jam and hot honey. The ‘bacon jam’ part in particular may be a bit unfamiliar to you, but it’s even tastier than it sounds. We make it […]

Cubano Sandwich

The Cubano Sandwich is a classic among sandwiches. It is said to have originated in cafes for Cuban workers in Tampa or Key West, Florida, and the sandwich traditionally consists of bread, meat (ham & pulled pork), cheese, pickle and mustard. Sounds fantastic already, but of course we replace the mustard with a mustard-style hot […]

Nacho Grilled Cheese

Ever thought of combining the best of nachos and a grilled cheese? Well, we did and that’s why we made this Nacho Grilled Cheese with delicious minced meat, red onion, corn, garlic, coriander and of course tortilla chips & cheese. Oh, and a nice Chipotle hot sauce. Check out the recipe video below. Make sure […]

This is how you make Birria Tacos with Mexican dried Peppers

When you are into food, chances are big that the Birria Taco has already crossed your Instagram timeline once or twice. This traditional Mexican dish is from the state of Jalisco. Birria means “Exquisite savory dish, full of culture and tradition” and this actually already reveals a bit how these fantastic tacos taste. Traditionally they […]

Homemade Spicy Egg Salad Sandwich

Us Dutch people like a good egg salad. We throw it on crackers, toast and sandwiches. Most of us buy it at the supermarket, which is quite unnecessary. Making this stuff at home is some much better and a lot tastier too. And the good thing is that you can give it your own twist. […]

Spicy Smash Burger with Blue Cheese & Chipotle hot sauce

If you like a nice burger every now and then, then you will definitely like this Smash Burger with Blue Cheese and Chipotle & Whiskey hot sauce by Raijmakers Heetmakers. View the entire recipe video below. Subscribe for more recipes! Do you want a new hot sauce recipe every Sunday? Support us by going to […]

These are the 5 best hot sauce recipes you can make yourself very easily

Hot sauce is way more than just heat. We even dare to say that it’s the most versatile type of sauce out there. For every dish there is a hot sauce that fits perfectly with the right flavor and heat. Still, we quite often get questions about how to combine hot sauce and food. That’s […]

Spicy Moscow Mule with Jalapeño & Hot Sauce

Can you use hot sauce in cocktails? The easy answer is ‘yes’, but is it also delicious? The answer to this question can also be ‘yes’, but you will have to find the right flavor combinations. That’s not always as easy as it sounds, so we would like to lend a helping hand with this […]

Avocado Baked Eggs with Bacon & Hot Sauce

Do you like avocado, egg, bacon and hot sauce? If the answer is ‘yes’ then you’d better follow along our 20th Hot Sauce Recipe. We are not just going to bake an egg, no, this time we are going to bake one inside an avocado. That’s not only very tasty, but also very good looking. […]

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