A list with the spiciest Christmas gifts

Are you still looking for a nice Christmas gift for yourself or someone else? A spicy gift is always a good idea and very original; exciting, fun and delicious. But what are the best spicy gifts? We have selected a number of them and of course also explain why.

Raijmakers Heetmakers

There are a number of reasons why the sauces from Raijmakers Heetmakers are very suitable as a gift. Firstly because they are made in the Netherlands (which is probably only a selling point voor Dutch people). Secondly, because all four flavours are just very, very good and varied. And last but not least, the packaging is great! You don’t even have to wrap them in gift paper, but if you want the gift to be a surprise we do advise you to wrap it. You can get the Raijmakers Heetmakers sauces here.

Hot Ones

If someone is a fan of hot sauce, chances are they are also a fan of the YouTube show Hot Ones. 1 + 1 = 2, so you can’t go wrong with a Hot Ones related gift. You can choose one of the many sauces that have been in the show and we even have the official Hot Ones sauces such as Los Calientes or The Last Dab Apollo? Of course you can also opt for the full Hot Ones Challenge, with 10 hot sauces that have been in the show. Guaranteed laughter!

Hot Chip Challenge

Nice as a surprise gift for Christmas: the Hot Chip Challenge. The hottest tortilla chip in Europe, vacuum packed in a cardboard coffin. Whoever “survives” this brutally hot chip is a boss. In addition, it will 100% certainly add a lot of excitement and sensation to your evening (with the family).

Hot sauce theme box

Do you want to give someone a nice set of hot sauces as a gift, but are you not sure which one to choose? We have put together several themed hot sauce boxes especially for this purpose. These range from a set of mild sauces to a set of absolute face melters, but we also have, for example, a box for ‘Pasta & Pizza‘ & ‘Nachos & Tacos’. Here you can check all hot sauce theme boxes.

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