Staff picks: our favourite hot sauces at the moment

In this Staff Picks we will shine our lights on our favourite products of the moment. Mostly hot sauces, but every now and then we choose other spicy products that you can get on our webstore. So scroll down, get to know us and find out which products (and why) have been chosen as our favourites at the moment. We update this list regularly.


La Pimenterie Bollywood hot sauceIf you are a fan of curries and coconut, then you don’t have to look much further than this La Pimenterie Bollywood hot sauce. To be honest, I have not been a fan of coconut at all for a large part of my life, but that is changing more and more. Especially when it is used in combination with Habanero’s, Ghost Pepper, dried apricots, carrot and garlic, then I’m a big fan! Of course the perfect match for your favorite curries.

La Pimenterie Bollywood curry coconut hot sauce

Piko Peppers The Golden Ninja With the sunny months approaching, you quickly think of fruits such as pineapple, but this Golden Ninja is definitely not just “refreshing” as the fruit itself. Because a number of savoury ingredients have been added, such as onion and garlic, it is simply a delicious and balanced sauce. Carrot also provides something sweet and of course it also packs some heat. The Habanero’s & Ghost Peppers will take care of that! Goes perfectly with seafood, barbecued veggies, shrimp, poké bowls and so on. Oh, and if you are a fan of the Heartbeat Pineapple hot sauce, but would like it to be hotter? This is a very good alternative.

Piko Peppers The Golden Ninja hot sauce with pineapple ghost pepper and habanero

Heartbeat Shiitake Szechuan hot sauceWould you like to surprise your friends with a unique hot sauce during the next barbecue? Then you should try this Shiitake Szechuan hot sauce! Instead of your typical barbecue flavours such as smokey and sticky sweet, Heartbeat has opted for an Asian twist. Using Szechuan peppers and shiitake mushrooms, the sauce is inspired by hot pot and it creates a savoury barbecue-style hot sauce with umami notes. Perfect for anything off the grill.

heartbeat dark side of the grill shiitake szechuan hot sauce


Poirier Louisiana Style Creole Maple hot sauceAlthough the first two sauces from Poirier didn’t really appeal to me, I think this Creole Maple hot sauce from the MMA fighter in collaboration with Heartbeat is a knockout. You can still taste that Louisiana Style fermented hot sauce, but now with the sweet twist of maple syrup. In addition, it is also quite complex with ingredients such as sage, thyme and rosemary. The heat is well present and comes from habanero, ghost pepper and chipotle peppers. In short, this is a winner for sure!

poirier's louisiana style creole maple hot sauce dustin poirier

Sinai Tropiquanté hot sauce Now that the summer months are approaching, we are getting more into tropical hot sauces. This one from Sinai is an excellent example, with ingredients like banana, mango, papaya and pineapple. Can it get any more fruity? This sauce is not really spicy though, but therefore very accessible for even the less experienced hot sauce eaters. This stuff is brilliant with curries, chicken, fish and all your other favorite tropical dishes. Oh and this sauce was in Hot Ones season 19 on wing number 2. Just so you know…

Sinai Tropiquante hot sauce uit hot ones seizoen 19

Queen Majesty Jalapeño, Tequila & Lime hot sauceSunny weather also stirs up my craving for tacos and there are few sauces that I enjoy eating with tacos as much as this one from Queen Majesty. This hot sauce makes it almost unnecessary to cut lime and jalapeño with your tacos, because those are the two most present flavors in this sauce. Wonderfully fresh and slightly spicy, with depth due to garlic, green apple and ginger root. Truly a Queen Majesty classic!

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