Staff picks: our favourite hot sauces at the moment

In this Staff Picks we will shine our lights on our favourite products of the moment. Mostly hot sauces, but every now and then we choose other spicy products that you can get on our webstore. So scroll down, get to know us and find out which products (and why) have been chosen as our favourites at the moment. We update this list regularly.


Djablo Power Jab The first ‘Filipino’ hot sauceon our website and as far as I’m concerned, this is a keeper. Not only because of the great packaging (although that does get extra points), but mainly because of the taste of course. Super savoury because of the ginger and garlic that almost literally pop out of the bottle when you open it. The aromas immediately reveal what a great sauce this is. But the combo of Scorpion & Serrano peppers also turns out to be a very good one! Very tasty with spring rolls and curries!

Djablo power jab hot sauce

Piko Peppers Chabanero The sun is showing itself more and more often and now that spring has sprung, I’m reaching for fruity hot sauces more often. As far as I’m concerned, this Chabanero, made with mango, Ghost Pepper & Habanero, is underrated in that respect. Additions of maple syrup and carrot provide extra sweetness and at the same time it is also quite savoury due to the onions and garlic. Plus, the pepper combination provides some extra drops of sweat in the increasingly warmer weather. Throw this on some chicken, seafood or salads and it’s a summery dish instantly.

Piko Peppers Chabanero hot sauce

Chilli Chan’s Crispy Chili OilCrispy chili oils are becoming increasingly popular and I can see why. Firstly, because it is super versatile. Really, this is not just for noodle dishes or something, you can also put this on your egg, pasta, peanut butter or whatever and it will taste better. In my opinion, Chilli Chan’s makes one of the best on the market due to the addition of all kinds of aromatic spices, soy sauce and fried garlic. Be careful though, because this is addictive stuff.



Heartbeat Dill Pickle Serrano – This very unique hot sauce is always in my fridge. The unique twist of dill, pickle and mildly spicy serrano peppers works fantastically. If you love dill pickles and spicy, this will become one of your favorite hot sauces. Without a doubt.

Torchbearer Mushroom Mayhem – Temperatures are slowly rising and that means grilling season has started for a lot of people. A typical BBQ sauce has quite a bit of sugar and is often smoky, but if you’re looking for something special then this Torchbearer Mushroom Mayhem is a winner. This hot sauce has a great umami punch from ingredients like Shiitake and portobello mushrooms, but also contains some sweetness from the sugar, mandarin and tomato puree. The habanero and scorpion peppers make it nice and hot, so put this on a steak and it will be fantastic.

Torchbearer Mushroom Mayhem hot sauce

Raijmakers Heetmakers Brain Buzzer – This sauce is consistently well reviewed and I understand why. The delicious tomato base with a touch of ginger and the heat of Carolina Reaper just combine really well. Don’t expect a bizarrely hot sauce, but expect a sauce that does spice up a dish severely and especially make it more flavorful with just a few drops. I always use it with rice and noodle dishes, but it also is amazing to spice up a peanut sauce.

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