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Where do the first chili peppers come from?

We talk about hot sauce pretty much non-stop (just ask our other halves), but we can’t really talk about it without talking about peppers. The stars of the sauce show. The main cause of the hotness in hot sauces. A hot sauce simply cannot exist without peppers. But where do they come from? When were […]

What is hot sauce?

You could say that our mission is to get more people to try hot sauce. We are convinced that there is a suitable hot sauce for everyone and every recipe, but before you check our range of hot sauces, it might be useful to first explain what we think hot sauce is. Explained very simply: […]

Hot sauce history: the ancient history of that spicy goodness

Hot sauce is getting hotter and hotter. And I don’t mean in terms of actual heat, but in terms of popularity. Also here in Europe. Despite that, it is still in its infancy and most people are not yet very familiar with hot sauce. That’s why we would like to educate people in this area. […]

These are the best hot sauces for BBQ season

The barbecue season is in full swing and a good barbecue needs a nice selection of hot sauces if you ask us. But which hot sauces go best with different barbecue dishes? On this page we give you a few hot sauce tips per category. We also briefly explain why these sauces go so well […]

Drinking water after spicy food: do it or not?

You’re enjoying a plate full of spicy food, your mouth is on fire and your first instinct is to reach for a glass of water. But is that a good idea? Let’s dive deeper into this pressing issue. Why you reach for water when your mouth is on fire It’s a natural reaction: your mouth […]

Why does spicy food make you cry?

Spicy food: you either love it or hate it. Guess which side we’re on. But even the biggest spice lords and ladies can’t deny that their eyes sometimes start to water after a bite of a fiery sauce. What exactly is happening in your body that causes this reaction? Let’s take a closer look at […]

Want to make your own authentic mole sauce? This is how you do it step by step!

Have you ever delved into the enchanting world of Mexican cuisine? If so, then you know that mole is one of those dishes that brings the essence of Mexico to your plate. If not, I have something special for you today. I’m going to take you on a culinary journey that will awaken your senses […]

These are the best hot sauces for beginners

We may be seasoned hot sauce eaters, but we also want to introduce people to hot sauce who are not yet familiar with it. We want to persuade even people who “can’t handle spicy food” to give it a try, because we are convinced that we have a hot sauce for everyone. Of course, the […]

What is the difference between sambal and hot sauce?

We have been running a hot sauce company for about 6.5 years, but when we were growing up, our mother didn’t serve us spicy food very often. If there was something spicy on the table, it was often a jar of sambal (from the supermarket) when she had made nasi goreng. For many Dutch people, […]

This is how you put together the perfect hot sauce challenge

If you want to organize something challenging and fun with your friends, then a hot sauce challenge is the perfect choice. There are always people in the group who cannot handle spicy food very well andthis way they are forced to push boundaries. Also, it creates hilarious moments. But the ladies and gentlemen who say […]

How to make spicy & extra smoky whisky with dried peppers

Do you find yourself sitting on the couch with a nice glass of whisky every now and then? I (Stan) do and I like the whisky to be smoky. If you have some whisky lying around that you never actually use, because you don’t like it that much or because it is just not smoky […]

Why can some people handle spicy food better than others?

While one person may start to sweat a from a bit too much black pepper in a dish, another can easily eat one of the hottest peppers in the world in its entirety. The difference in heat tolerance can apparently be enormous, but why can one person handle spicy food and the other not? It […]

Try these 5 steps to improve your heat tolerance

Are you or do you know someone who cannot tolerate spicy food and starts sweating at the idea of a little spice in their meal? Then we have good news, because they can also learn to appreciate spicy food. We didn’t really grow up in a household where spicy food was the staple, but we […]

Heatsupply wrapped 2023: your favourite hot sauces and more!

The end of the year is now in sight and that means that list time has already arrived for a while.We participate in this with great pleasure, because looking back on the year and all the wonderful things that have happened is simply important. What were the most popular hot sauces on Heatsupply? How many […]

Why does spicy food give you a runny nose?

It has probably happened to you; after eating spicy food you were sniffling a lot. A runny nose can be a logical consequence of (slightly too) spicy food. But how is that possible? You don’t put the food up your nose and yet it seems as if that hot sauce has broken open a dam […]

Meet the Makers: Piko Peppers

More and more people are getting to know the wonderful world of hot sauce, but many people still don’t know much about the makers of those delicious hot sauces. Who are the heroes behind the brands that spoil us with the tastiest hot sauces? Time to find out in our interview series ‘Meet the Makers’. […]

A list with the spiciest Christmas gifts

Are you still looking for a nice Christmas gift for yourself or someone else? A spicy gift is always a good idea and very original; exciting, fun and delicious. But what are the best spicy gifts? We have selected a number of them and of course also explain why. Raijmakers Heetmakers There are a number […]

Our 8 favourite hot sauce dishes for Autumn & Winter

Hot sauce is in any case a perfect way to get an extra warm feeling, but in the coldest months of the year it is extra nice. Combine that with delicious comfort food, it doesn’t get much better. Maybe by putting on a warm sweater or crawling under a blanket. Anyway, these are what we […]

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