These are the best hot sauces for your tacos and nachos

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For many people, pretty much every Tuesday is sacred, because of Taco Tuesday. We totally understand the love for tacos (and nachos). Not only because it’s pretty much the ultimate hot sauce vehicle, but also because you can eat them for breakfast, lunch and dinner. In addition, there are many different versions and toppings possible, so you can safely say the taco deserves all the attention it gets. We want to celebrate it even more by selecting the best hot sauces for your tacos (and nachos) especially for you.

Verde hot sauces

“Verde” sauces, or “green” sauces in Spanish, are almost always a good choice for your tacos. This has to do with the fact that these sauces almost always focus on a few ingredients you often see in tacos and many other typical Mexican dishes: Jalapeños, cilantro, tomatillo, lime, garlic and onion. A bit acidic and not too spicy. Whether you go for a taco with fish, meat or vegetarian, these ‘verde’ sauces are always a good choice! Some of our favorites are:

Chipotle hot sauces

Chipotle sauces have one major similarity with the ‘verde’ sauces and that is the Jalapeño. That’s because a Chipotle is a smoked Jalapeño. In terms of flavour, it is of course very different, because as you can guess, these hot sauces often have a smoky and rich flavour, which goes especially well with your tacos with meat on it. The Chipotle pepper is an essential part of Mexican cuisine for a reason, so these sauces are also great with your tacos. Our favorite hot sauces with a Chipotle base are:

Original hot sauces

It may sound a bit vague or general, but the Originals should not be missing from this list. But what do we mean by ‘Original’ hot sauces? By that we mean the Tapatios, Cholulas, El Yucatecos and Valentinas of this world. These brands with Mexican roots are widely used in Central and North American cuisine for a reason. This is mainly due to the pepper and spice choices in these sauces, but also because of the price/quality ratio of these hot sauces. For little money you get a lot of flavor that usually also fits perfectly with tacos. But, there is another Original: our very own ‘The O.G. Hot Sauce’ with a lot of cumin and red Jalapeno, which makes it a great choice for tacos & nachos.

Birria Taco’s!

We also want to give a shoutout to our favorite taco dish of all time: Birria Tacos. This is a traditional Mexican dish, originating from the state of Jalisco. Birria means as much as “Excellent savory dish, full of culture and tradition” and that already gives away a bit of how these fantastic tacos taste. Traditionally they are made with goat meat, but nowadays also with beef, veal, lamb or pork. Our favorite is with beef and then the dish is officially called Birria Tacos de Res.

In the video below we will explain step by step how you can easily make those delicious Birria Tacos. The main ingredients are the beef, but also good quality corn tortillas and the right peppers. To make it easy for you, you can buy a package with the peppers for Birria Tacos here. That also includes the right tacos.

To make it easy for taco (and nacho) fans, we have put together the hot sauce theme box Nachos & Tacos. Three hot sauces that go perfectly with your favorite Mexican dishes for different reasons.

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