These are the best hot sauces for BBQ season

the best hot sauces for your bbq

The barbecue season is in full swing and a good barbecue needs a nice selection of hot sauces if you ask us. But which hot sauces go best with different barbecue dishes? On this page we give you a few hot sauce tips per category. We also briefly explain why these sauces go so well with it.


With chicken dishes we mainly suggest the somewhat sweeter and fruitier hot sauces. Especially when the sun is out, the sauce of choice can have a tropical touch. Think of sweet sauces with tropical fruit, such as pineapple, mango & papaya. Good examples of sweet, fruity hot sauces are the Heartbeat Pineapple habanero and the Dirty Dick’s Tropical pepper sauce.

heartbeat pineapple hot sauce



Red meats are great with just sea salt and black pepper, but you really take it to the next level with a rich and complex sauce that complements the flavor perfectly. This can be done with a delicious combo of paprika & habanero or a hot sauce with blueberries or even beer. Queen Majesty’s Red Habanero & Black coffee is great for beef or you choose one of our blueberry hot sauces.


When we think of pork, we mainly think of smoky sauces. Typical BBQ-style hot sauces contain quite a bit of sugar (or sweet fruits) and smokey peppers like Chipotle. Two ultimate BBQ hot sauces are the Raijmakers Heetmakers Heat Enhancer (with chipotle, habanero & whiskey) and Dawson’s Big Smoke Chipotle.

Dawson's Big Smoke hot sauce chipotle hot sauce


Fish and citrus are great friends.  When looking for great hot sauces for grilled fish we then look for sauces that contain ingredients like lime and lemon. Our favorite sauces for grilled fish are the Raijmakers Heetmakers Immune Booster and SWET Lemon Hard.

SWET Lemon Hard hot sauce met citroen en habanero

Grilled vegetables

Some people sometimes forget, but BBQ isn’t exclusively for meats. Grilling vegetables is awesome too and for veggies we rather choose milder hot sauces with lots of herbs and garlic. Melinda’s Garlic hot sauce is garlic forward, but if you are looking for something that also goes well on salads, then the Queen Majesty Jalapeño, Tequila & Lime is a very nice sauce.

melinda's garlic hot sauce knoflook hete saus

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