4 reasons why hot sauce should be on the table for Christmas dinner

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You probably won’t think about hot sauce when you think about a classic Christmas dinner, but if you ask us, it should become an essential from this year on. We give four reasons why this will be the year hot sauce should make its debut on the Christmas dinner table.

Even tastier food

Reason number one is the most obvious, but it should be mentioned: hot sauce makes your food even tastier. Some people think that hot sauce “ruins” the taste of the food because it is too hot, but that does not have to be the case. First of all; there is a suitable hot sauce for every dish that enhances the flavours even further, but there are also a lot of options in terms of heat. Is your family not used to spicy food? Then there are plenty of mild options, but don’t be afraid to put them to the test and push them a little bit. And that brings us to reason 2.

Hot sauce entertains & unites

We have been watching Hot Ones for years and we’ve seen thousands of reactions to hot sauces, but seeing someone struggling with the heat is still a beautiful sight. It will not only provide laughter & smiling faces, it is also something that unites. The family bond will be stronger than ever if you survive that one sauce together.

Something to talk about

No matter what, during Christmas dinner sometimes there is a bit of an awkward silence. In these situations you can talk about the lack of snow on Christmas again, but you can also talk about a much more spicy subject: that hot sauce on the table. This will probably be a completely unknown phenomenon for a large part of the guests, so it’s about time to update them about the wonderful world of hot sauce.

It’s healthy!

Last but not least, spicy food is healthy. A longer life, fewer illnesses, weight loss, less stress, these are all positive effects that spicy food, including hot sauce, has. Here you will find 7 health benefits. By informing your loved ones about this, they can use hot sauce nicely to fulfill their new year’s resolutions in 2023. To a hotter and healthier year than ever!

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