Heatsupply’s Hot Sauce Show – Episode 1

Welcome to our first episode of the Hot Sauce Show. In this ‘show’ we are going to talk about, drumroll please…, hot sauce! We are going to take our time to talk about it and we’ll do that with a few returning elements.

Heatsupply’s Hot Sauce Show – Episode 1

We will start with picking our favorite hot sauces of the previous month and after that the content of the show is mainly created by you guys, our followers. We will discuss the results of the Spicy Statements we post on our socials every Friday. Then we will pick the best answers you guys gave to the ‘Random Hot Questions’ we ask you on Monday. We also pick a top 5 of Heatsupply tags we saw on Instagram. So take a drink, sit back and let’s talk about hot sauce.

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