Time lapse of a Carolina seed to the (former) hottest pepper in the world

time lapse carolina reaper van zaadje tot heetste peper ter wereld

We wouldn’t blame you if you’ve always thought that extremely hot peppers like the Carolina Reaper come straight from hell, because the intense heat that this (former) hottest pepper in the world produces doesn’t seem to come from this Earth. Yet they are, and like so many other vegetables, they grow from a seed. In this case from the seed of another Carolina Reaper pepper.

Time lapse Carolina Reaper

Okay, maybe you already expected them to grow this way, but have you ever seen with your own eyes how such a devilish plant grows from the seed and then produces the peppers? Probably not, so you should really check the time lapse below. It takes quite some time before it starts to produce the first peppers, but that is not super surprising when you consider that the Carolina Reaper, with a maximum of 2.2 million Scoville Heat Units, (officially) is the hottest in the world. And you know what they say: good work takes time!

We must admit that we have never eaten a pure Reaper and that is not on the schedule to be honest. We do have quite a few hot sauces made with this pepper though and here you will find an overview of all Carolina Reaper hot sauces.

Source: Boxlapse

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