Heatsupply & Eten Met Nick present: Nick’s Hatsas

Eten Met Nick x Heatsupply presenteren Nick's Hatsas - Korean Style hot sauce

After a long process with a lot of tasting and especially a lot of love, we developed a hot sauce together with Nicky Toet from the awesome YouTube channel Eten Met Nick. Or as Nick himself would say; a hatsas (his pronounciation of hot sauce). Pretty soon in Nick’s YouTube career we found out that he likes hot sauce and that quickly led to a collaboration. Of course, a hot sauce was an idea that immediately came up and after a collaboration of almost 3 years, the time has finally come. This is Nick’s Hatsas!

Nick’s Hatsas – Korean Style Hot Sauce

Nick’s own hot sauce must of course be a good representation of Nick and Eten Met Nick. Fans will immediately understand that it had to contain Korean pepperflakes and that was one of the reasons why we went for a Korean style hot sauce. So what makes it “Korean style”?

The flavours of white miso, garlic, lemongrass, ginger and of course the real Korean pepper flakes to warm your soul. Bird’s Eye chili’s provide a nice burn that doesn’t get too much, but lingers for a long time. Sweet, spicy, umami notes and a little freshness from the lemongrass. Delicious! According to Nick, this stuff is good on everything and of course we agree, but we think it’s especially brilliant with fried chicken, stir-fries and spare ribs.

Immediately at the #1 spot!

Currently the pre-order is still going and the official release isn’t until February 3rd, but Nick’s Hatsas has entered our top 10 hot sauces of the past month and climbed straight to number 1. That’s quite an achievement, as Secret Aardvark Habanero Hot Sauce has sat on that throne continuously for a few years now. As far as we are concerned, a justified number 1 too, because this stuff is simply divine.

Want to try Nick’s Hatsas for yourself? You can order it here. Do you think just 1 bottle will not be enough? Then you can order Nick’s Hatsas 3-pack here!

Korean spare ribs recipe with Nick’s Hatsas

Nick also immediately launched a recipe using his new Korean style hot sauce. In the video below, Nick shows you how to make delicious Korean spare ribs. It’s in Dutch, but you maybe you’ll understand it anyway, haha. Lekker man!

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