This guy broke 3 world records pepper eating in 1 year

gregory foster world record carolina reapers

Although we can handle quite a bit of heat in terms of hot sauces, we think eating a pure Carolina Reaper pepper is still a step too far for us. Let alone eating 10 Carolina Reaper peppers in the shortest possible time. Gregory Foster, a man from California, thought that was a good idea and tried to go for that world record. Earlier this year, he already set 2 other bizarre pepper-eating world records.

World record eating Carolina Reapers

With official observers from Guinness World Records present he fully went for it: eat 10 Carolina Reapers as fast as possible. Remember, we’re talking about the former hottest pepper in the world. He succeeded in 33.15 seconds and that means he set a new world record. Well done! Before you think ‘that stomach must have broken, right?’,
fortunately not, because to prevent that unimaginable pain, he was allowed to vomit after he had actually eaten them. Check out the proof in the video below.

More pepper eating records

Earlier this year, he also set a record for eating Bhut Jolokia peppers (Ghost Peppers). In 7.47 seconds he ate 3 of those extremely hot peppers. At the end of 2021 (but within the 365 days between his last record and this one at the end of 2021), he also managed to get the same world record for Carolina Reapers. He ate 3 Carolina Reapers in 8.72 seconds. Something no one did before him. And we are certainly not the ones who are going to try to beat that.

Do you know someone with a ridiculously high tolerance for spicy foods and the hottest peppers? Maybe he/she thinks he/she can take the record from Gregory. It should be noted that you should not just try it (and certainly not without supervision), because it can be quite intense and dangerous to stunt with extremely hot peppers.

Do you want to challenge yourself with some serious heat without having to eat the hottest peppers in the world? You might want to start with the hottest hot sauce we sell. . Are you up for it?

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