5 reasons why there should always be hot sauce present at your work

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With the Corona virus more and more under control there is a good chance you can go to your work more often. Fun to see your colleagues ofcourse, but if there is no hot sauce present that’s a big bummer. If it is present: good job! If not: here’s 5 reasons why there should always be hot sauce present at your work. And yes, please show this to your boss.

Because it makes your food more delicious

The most logical reason ofcourse. It just makes your food more delicious and that’s a fact. Especially when you usually have to deal with boring sandwiches you made in a rush in the morning, a nice dose of hot sauce will be more than welcome. Make sure there is a varied selection though, so you can make every dish even better.

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Because your colleagues deserve to get familiar with hot sauce

There is a good chance some of your co-workers have never had hot sauce before. That is a shame, because these hard workers deserve to get to know the best stuff in the world. In no-time they will be addicted and then you guys can talk about your shared love for hot sauce for hours on end.

Because it can reset your brain

After hours of work your brain can become pretty tired, which means a loss of concentration. You don’t want that and your boss definitely doesn’t want that. Setting your mouth on fire is a great distraction and works like a reset for your brain. When the burn is gone you’ll feel reborn and good to go for the next few hours.

Because you can laugh about that one co-worker who can’t handle hot food

Ofcourse there is one or multiple co-workers that absolutely can’t handle hot food. As you probably know already there are very few things funnier than seeing someone suffer on hot sauce. Try to get them to try some voluntary, but if they don’t do it you can ‘help’ them a little by secretly adding some to their food. A bit mean, but definitely funny!

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Because it’s healthy

Last but not least: spicy food is healthy. A longer life, less illness (also good news for your boss), weight loss, less stress, all benefits of eating spicy food (including hot sauce) regularly.

These 5 reasons should be enough to make sure there is always a hot sauce stash at your work, right? Don’t wait any longer, gather your colleagues and scroll through our big offering of hot sauces.

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