Official: “Pepper X” is the new hottest pepper in the world

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It took years, but since yesterday (16-10-2023) the Carolina Reaper has been replaced by the Pepper X as the hottest pepper in the world. The creator of this facemelting hot pepper, Ed Currie, who is also the famous guy behind the Carolina Reaper pepper, worked on the Pepper X for no less than 10 years.

Scoville rating

The new hottest pepper in the world scores a whopping 2,693,000 SHU on the Scoville scale. That is almost 1 million SHU more than the average with which the Carolina Reaper was in the Guinness World Book of Records for 10 years. To create this new chili, Ed Currie crossed a Carolina Reaper with a pepper he received from a grower friend. Totally evil stuff!


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Een bericht gedeeld door Ed Currie (@smokined)

Characteristics Pepper X

The Pepper X has a standout appearance, with the typical scorpion tail that many extremely hot peppers have. Ed Currie’s goal was to grow an extremely hot chili that, in addition to a lot of heat, also has a some sweetness. It appears to have an earthy flavour. The color is greenish yellow.

Hot sauce

The Pepper X has been used by Ed Currie to create some hot sauces for a while now. For example, he makes various sauces with this pepper under his own brand Puckerbutt Peppers and for the YouTube show Hot Ones he has made the Last Dab XXX hot sauce with Pepper X, in which he even uses 3 varieties of this pepper! From experience we can say that it is indeed very hot but also quite tasty.

In the video below, Ed Currie explains the origins of his pepper and you can see how Sean Evans reacts to it.

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