Awarding Heatsupply points stops at July 1st

this is how you put hot sauce on chicken wings

As we all notice, we are dealing with sky-high inflation all over the world, making just about everything much more expensive. We also notice that and especially since we import a lot of products from America, the hot sauces have become a lot more expensive to buy. In addition to inflation, this is also due to the fact that the Euro has fallen sharply in value against the Dollar, especially as a result of the war in Ukraine. Due to these developments, we would have to increase the prices for the bottles of hot sauce considerably, but we want to prevent that as much as possible. However, we have to start saving somewhere and that is why we have decided not to award Heatsupply points from 1 July.

What happens to the points I already have on my account?

There is a good chance that you still have some points in your account, so we understand that you are now wondering what happens to those points. We informed customers that we would stop handing out points in mid-2022 and those points could still be used up to and including January 2024. Points can no longer be used.

As a loyal Heatsupply customer, we understand that you think this is a shame, but as said we make this decision to avoid having to rise very fast in the hot sauce prices. We hope you understand this decision. The most important thing for us is and remains the unique range of hot sauces that we offer, because that is of course the reason that you ended up at Heatsupply and come back. That is why we keep looking around the world for the best and most unique hot sauces and we love nothing more than sharing these hot sauces with the fans in the Netherlands and the rest of Europe.

Greetings Team Heatsupply

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