Cruacamole (AKA Crunchy Guacamole)

this is how you make crunchy guacamole

Never heard of cruacamole? Well, that doesn’t surprise us because it’s something we made up ourselves. Crunchy + guacamole = cruacamole. In any case, it is appropriate, because it is literally guacamole in a crunchy jacket. A bit like a Dutch ‘bitterbal’ with guacamole filling. Delicious for snacking and an additional advantage is that it is also a lot healthier than the Dutch bitterbal. By adding Torchbearer Danny Wood’s Jalapeño & Cilantro hot sauce there is some heat, but it’s mild enough for everyone to enjoy at your next party. Below you can see how to make it. Follow us on TikTok for more of these hot sauce recipe videos!

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