Our 8 favourite hot sauce dishes for Autumn & Winter

onze favoriete hot sauce gerechten herfst & winter

Hot sauce is in any case a perfect way to get an extra warm feeling, but in the coldest months of the year it is extra nice. Combine that with delicious comfort food, it doesn’t get much better. Maybe by putting on a warm sweater or crawling under a blanket. Anyway, these are what we think are the best hot sauce dishes for fall & winter.

Birria tacos

Birria means something like “Excellent savory dish, full of culture and tradition” and that already gives away a bit of what these fantastic tacos taste like. Traditionally they are made with goat meat, but nowadays also with beef, veal, lamb or pork. In our Birria Taco Recipe we chose for beef, so our recipe is officially called Birria Tacos de Res.

Beef stew with Carolina Reaper hot sauce

If we’re talking comfort food, there aren’t many things that can top a good beef stew. Throw in some hot sauce made with the hottest pepper in the world and you’re sure to get warm. Add some dark beer and enjoy! This dish is made with Raijmakers Heetmakers Carolina Reaper & Ginger hot sauce.

Chicken pot pie with Chipotle & Whiskey hot sauce

What is a ‘Chicken Pot Pie’ we hear you think!? Well, that’s a kind of savoury pie with chicken and a lot of other tasty stuff. A leading role in the preparation is reserved for the Raijmakers Heetmakers Heat Enhancer, because that hot sauce gives the chicken the smoky, slightly sweet and spicy taste. Great comfort food in these cold months. Maybe even a candidate to steal the show during Christmas dinner.

Korean Cheesesteak with Nick’s Hatsas

You may be familiar with the Philly Cheesesteak, but there is an even better version of such a sandwich: the Korean Cheesesteak. AKA a kim-cheese-steak, because kimchi is also eaten with it. And that is exactly what Nicky Toet makes for his YouTube channel. Of course with the one and only hot sauce that goes perfectly with it: Nick’s Hatsas! Great stuff.

Mexican cheesefondue with The O.G. hot sauce

The O.G. hot sauce (or as Nick himself says: hatsas) fits perfectly with this Mexican cheesefondue, mainly due to the large amount of cumin, but also due to the nice burn that the sauce adds to the already slightly spicy dish. As far as we are concerned, the ‘normal’ cheesefondue can pack its bags, because this Mexican version is much better. Check out the video below and try it yourself.

Brie croissant with bacon jam & hot honey

A croissant with fruity jam is delicious for breakfast or lunch, but we have come up with a much better variant: a croissant with brie, bacon jam and hot honey. The ‘bacon jam’ part in particular may be a bit unfamiliar to you, but it is even tastier than it already sounds. We make it with small pieces of bacon, red onion, garlic, apple cider vinegar and H.O.T Honey. A different hot honey, like Sweet Heat Hot Honey is also an option ofcourse. We throw that on top of the brie that is already topped with the hot honey. Below you can see how to make this sweet and savoury sandwich.

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Smash burgers with blue cheese & Chipotle hot sauce

If you love a good hamburger, then this Smash Burger with blue cheese and Chipotle & Whiskey hot sauce by Raijmakers Heetmakers is a great one. Especially the combo of the cheese & hot sauce is divine and something to get you warm! Watch the complete recipe video below.

Shakshuka with Habanero & black coffee hot sauce

This one pan egg dish is super simple to make and spiced perfectly with delicious hot sauce. You can eat this dish for breakfast for a big kickstart of your day, or just for lunch or dinner. Below you will find the recipe video of the spicy Shakshuka with Queen Majesty Red Habanero & Black coffee hot sauce.

Nutella blueberry & Habanero toast

This might just be the breakfast of your dreams. A big spoon of Nutella, some fresh blueberries, the delicious Heartbeat Blueberry Habanero Hot Sauce and all that on a French toast. A real treat to start the day and a guaranteed win if you bring this to your girlfriend/boyfriend for breakfast in bed. Check out the recipe video below and follow us on TikTok for more of these hot sauce dishes.

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