How to make spicy & extra smoky whisky with dried peppers

chipotle infused whisky met gedroogde pepers

Do you find yourself sitting on the couch with a nice glass of whisky every now and then? I (Stan) do and I like the whisky to be smoky. If you have some whisky lying around that you never actually use, because you don’t like it that much or because it is just not smoky enough, then we have a good solution for you. With dried (Chipotle) peppers you can still get your dram to the desired level of smokiness. Another advantage: it gets a nice extra kick!

Extra smoky whisky with dried peppers

The process is actually very simple, but the result is surprisingly good! You take an empty carafe or other bottle (with a large opening) and fill the bottom with dried Chipotle peppers. We choose Chipotle peppers because of the great smoky flavour and limited heat, because we don’t want an extremely spicy whisky. Then fill the bottle with a whisky of your choice. Preferably a whisky that you would otherwise not like neat, because otherwise it would be a bit of a waste to use a whisky that you already liked.

Leave this bottle covered for 24 hours and occasionally shake the bottle a little so that the flavors come to life and mix better. After 24 hours you will have a delicious chipotle infused whisky, ready to be poured it into your glass of choice and for you to enjoy! We immediately made a delicious cocktail with it, because it is also very suitable for that. Some ginger ale and an orange slice make this a simple, but great cocktail. If you want it a little sweeter, we recommend adding some sugar syrup. Of course, this extra smoky & spicy whisky also delicious to use with a whisky coke!

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