Which hot sauces pair best with your (Easter) eggs?

For Christians, Easter is the day Jesus’ resurrection is celebrated. For non-believers it’s mostly a great excuse to eat a lot and what is better for an Easter breakfast than a delicious egg. Nothing ofcourse. Especially when you hit that sweet spot where it’s not boiled to hard or soft. But even then there is one thing missing: hot sauce. A few drops give it the finishing touch, but which hot sauces to use?

What hot sauces pair well with a boiled egg?

What you don’t want with your egg is a crazy amount of different flavors. Your egg shouldn’t lose its typical flavor and just taste like hot sauce. Some hot sauces have lots of fruit added, which can be great, but it also makes them sweet. That’s not the flavor you want for an egg. Also, very smokey flavors aren’t great with eggs as well, so sauces with a lot of chipotle in it are not the best combination.

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So now you know which hot sauces don’t pair well with your egg, but which hot sauces do? We always choose for ‘neutral’/basic/straight forward hot sauces with lots of natural flavors and without too many added flavors. You could think of the standard Tabasco in your cabinet, but this contains so much vinegar (80%) that your egg will get too sour quickly. You don’t want that, so below you will find our selection of the best hot sauces for egg:

  • Raijmakers Heetmakers Tranquilizer: a Dutch hot sauce with the delicious taste of habanero peppers, sweet potato, onion, garlic and a hint of smoked paprika.
  • Marie Sharp’s Hot Habanero: a hot sauce from Belize with fruity habaneros and savory ingredients such as onion and carrot.
  • Hot Ones The Classic: the most expensive hot sauce from this list, but a very popular one because of the Hot Ones show it appeared on. Straight forward, but definitely good with an egg.
  • Heartbeat Red Habanero: as you can see, we mainly go for habanero sauces and this Canadian hot sauce is no exception in that matter. The squeeze bottle and smooth consistency also ensures that the sauce stays perfectly on top of the egg.
  • Melinda’s Red Savina hot sauce: a hot sauce without much fuss but with a different pepper (Red Savina) for a change. The addition of carrot gives this hot sauce a subtle sweetness.

Besides fresh ingredients we always pick a sauce that is not too hot. For us that just doesn’t work with the soft character of a nice egg. Also, usually you eat this for breakfast or brunch and we just don’t like extremely hot sauces at that time of day.

Hopefully you will have a nice Easter, despite the corona crisis. These tips should help you with that, so happy Easter!

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