5 spicy (hot sauce) ideas to get through the quarantine period

We’re experiencing tough and bizarre times ladies and gentlemen. The corona virus has caused social life to grind to a halt and all over the world people are asked by their government to stay inside as much as they can. Also, when you do have 1 or 2 people over, keep distance from each other. Annoying and boring, but necessary. That’s why we will try to get you through these tough times by providing you with some awesome spicy ideas.

Challenge yourself to a hot win challenge (or do it with friends via Skype/Facetime)

Because of ‘social distancing’ you can’t hang out with all of your friends and organize a hot wing challenge, so why don’t you challenge yourself for once. Force yourself to the limit and prove to yourself that you’re the hot wing king of your own house. Yes you could also do a hot wing challenge with your friends via Skype or Facetime, but that would also make your chances of ultimate triumph a lot smaller. The choice is yours.. This Hot Ones XL pack would be perfect for a challenge.

Hot Ones marathon

You could use Netflix, Disney+, Amazon Prime or whatever to binge watch your favorite shows, but you could also binge all of your favorite Hot Ones episodes (again) for free. Currently they are in their eleventh season, so that’s a lot of hours to watch celebrities die on hot sauce.

Become the ultimate hot sauce chef

Hopefully we can enjoy a delicious barbecue with friends once the summer has really arrived. And how cool would it be if all of a sudden you seem to be the ultimate chef when it comes to using hot sauces. You have a few months to learn about the best recipes with hot sauce and the best place to get these unique ‘hot sauce recipes’ is our YouTube channel. Here we will post a new recipe with hot sauce very sunday. How about this spicy Meatball Marinara Sub? Or how about this Dutch shawarma classic with a Mexican twist?

Hot sauce for breakfast

Now that you are obliged to work at home (if possible), you don’t have to hurry in the morning because otherwise you would be late. Again. So take your time for a great breakfast and use hot sauce. This has 2 big advantages: 1. When combined the right way it is very delicious. Think of things with eggs and you are golden. Advantage 2: It gives you that much needed wake-up kick that is even better than coffee.

Reorder your fridge (that is full of hot sauce)

Has your hot sauce collection gotten out of hand lately and is your partner losing his/her mind because the fridge is full of hot sauce? Now you finally have the time to reorder that fridge. This way your partner can also store things in the fridge. Our tip: use one shelf (in the door) of the fridge for all your hot sauces. Hot sauces that haven’t been opened yet don’t have to be stored in the fridge, as long as they are in a (fairly) cool and dark place.

Ofcourse you can also take the time to scroll through our enormous hot sauce offering. Check out the hot sauces you never had before. Maybe there is a future favorite among them.

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