What is Hot Honey and how do you use it?

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Hot Honey, it’s a trend that’s been going on in the United States for years, but here in Europe it is still growing. Are you even familiar with it? Well, that it’s spicy honey won’t surprise you, but do you know where it’s from and how to use it? That’s what we are going to find out.

Is it from the USA?

We always thought the ‘hot honey’ trend was from the United States. That is where Mike Kurtz started a hot honey brand that all of a sudden seemed to take over the world by storm with his sweet and spicy goodness. Still, it is not the USA where it originally comes from and Mike Kurtz didn’t invent it. During a trip through Brazil he stumbled across jars with honey and whole chili peppers in it. He liked it, started making it at home and that’s how ‘Mike’s Hot Honey’ was born. Through pizza place Paulie Gee’s in New York it became popular and eventually conquered the world. Now hot honey is being produced in many more countries than Brazil and America. Even in The Netherlands it’s being made and ofcourse you can order it at Heatsupply. There are even two different ones from the Netherlands: Sweet Heat Hot Honey and H.O.T. Honey.

Perfect combination of sweet & spicy

But what is it that makes Hot Honey so addictive? Well, it’s mainly the combination of sweet and spicy that’s just perfect. Not just flavor-wise, but also because of the slightly cooling function of sweet stuff like honey. Also, hot honey is not super spicy and it is very versatile. At first glance it might seem like a difficult product to combine with other food, but the options range greatly. Down below we name our favorite hot honey combinations.


Given the fact that the trend in America started at a pizza place, you can imagine pizza and hot honey is a very good combination. Ofcourse it depends on what kind of pizza you make, but with almost all the classics it fits perfectly. Think about salami, pepperoni or quattro formaggi.

Fried Chicken 

Compared to The States, fried chicken isn’t that huge here in Europe, but it’s available at quite a lot of take away places and absolutely not hard to make. It might take some time to make it yourself, but the result is often a lot better. Especially when you combine it with hot honey and a freshly baked waffle. A real American classic for a reason.


It doesn’t matter if you like your pancakes without any additions or with, American-style or Dutch, hot honey will definitely be a great addition. Sweet & savoury goodness. A pancake tip from us: apple, bacon and hot honey.


A spicy dessert is still something that’s frowned upon, despite the fact that sweet and spicy match very well. It’s mainly the combination of cold and spicy that is a bit weird. But still, we encourage you to try it, because there are some great combinations to try. Especially with a product like hot honey, which is sweet on it’s own and quite mild. Ofcourse it won’t match with every dessert, but think about something with vanilla ice cream and cookie crumble or a combination of pancakes/waffles and ice cream.

Everything with goat cheese

Honey and goat cheese is a match made in heaven, so you can imagine hot honey fits just as well. Goat cheese has a smooth, sweet and nut-like flavor that fits the sweetness and little kick of hot honey very well. So try it on pizza with goat cheese, salads with goat cheese, burgers with goat cheese, you name it. It will all get better with some hot honey.

Spare ribs

You can even use hot honey with barbecue meats like spare ribs. Just drizzle it on the finished ribs or use it as a glaze when they are still cooking on the barbecue. You won’t regret it!

So now you know what to do with spicy honey and there is just one thing left to do: try it! We have two amazing hot honeys on our webshop and both are from The Netherlands. There is the Sweet Heat Hot Honey from Amsterdam and we have the H.O.T. Honey from the Southern part of the country. Both will not disappoint!

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