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In Hot Sauce on Everything we are going on a search for the best hot sauces for certain iconic dishes. In the first episode we visited De Burger & Beef and the Wingman in Eindhoven to talk about the golden combination of hot sauce and burgers. Together we’re looking at what a perfect burger is and what type of hot sauce matches what type of burger. The entire video can be watched down below.

Classic burger

A classic burger doesn’t have to be complicated. Hence the wordt ‘classic’. A bun, burger, ketchup, mustard, maybe some lettuce, tomato, onion and pickle. Some like cheese on it, some don’t, but this is widely considered a ‘classic burger’. But how can you mix hot sauce to this classic, without messing with its simplicity? Well, by replacing the mustard with a mustard-style hot sauce, like the Spanish Mostaza y Habanero by Sierra Nevada. A delicious sweet mustard with a very nice Habanero kick. Other mustard-style hot sauces are Tubby Tom’s Mu-Tang (mild) and High River Cheeba Gold (hot).

The complex burger

There are a million possibilities with a complex burger, but De Burger’s Wouter decided to make a burger for us made with 50% Ibérico pork and 50% beef with Manchego on top, onion compote and some sour cream at the bottom. Because the burger consists of 50% pork, a smokey hot sauce is ideal according to the burger experts. It can also use a sweet touch in combination with the cheese. So a smokey hot sauce with a sweet touch: Raijmakers Heetmakers Heat Enhancer, with habanero, chipotle and whiskey. If you just want it to be very smokey, then Marie Sharp’s Smokin’ Marie is perfect.

Chicken burger

To close things off we went to Beef and the Wingman to find the perfect hot sauce for their bestseller: the chicken burger. It seems like you can go two ways with chicken burgers and hot sauce: a Jalapeño sauce, because they are often a bit sour, which combines nicely with chicken. The other option is a delicious sweet hot sauce with a tropical splash. Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce with a Tropical Twist might be the ultimate choice, but a sauce like Hellfire Devil’s Gold is also amazing with chicken burgers.

And just like that we have found the perfect hot sauces for three types of burgers. Down below you can check the entire video, in which you can also find out what is the perfect way to stack a burger (lettuce on top or below?). We’d love to hear from you what you think of this video, so please leave a comment under this article or on our social media.

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