HOT SAUCE – The hot sauce bible with 40 spicy recipes

Here it is: our very own hot sauce cookbook! All those years of experience, the thousands of different hot sauces we’ve tasted and just as many dishes that we’ve made more exciting and tastier with the best stuff in the world, have all led to this moment. As the cover already reveals, it functions as the hot sauce bible that should be on the bookshelf of every fanatic, but this is also the ultimate introduction for those who want to learn more about the wonderful world of hot sauce. We’ll inspire you with 40 spicy recipes (which increase in heat) where hot sauce plays an essential role, how to taste hot sauces, what to do if your mouth is on fire and drop a lot of history, facts, fables, hot sauce culture and so on! The book is only written in Dutch.

The release of this hot sauce book is on June 19, 2024. You can enter your email address to receive a notification as soon as the book becomes available in the webshop.


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‘HOT SAUCE – The hot sauce bible with 40 spicy dishes’ is our own Heatsupply cookbook with 40 of our favourite spicy dishes, lots of history, facts, myths, culture and much more.

Author: Freek & Stan Raijmakers

Number of pages: approximately 240 pages

Publisher: Lannoo

Publication date: 19-06-2024

ISBN: 9789401412032

If you think of hot sauce and think of sweaty people with a painful face expression… well, that’s part of it. But hot sauce is so much more than eating peppers for the thrill of it!
From mild to wild, fruity, sweet or umami: the right sauce can transform a dish.

This book immerses you in the wonderful world of hot sauces, with tips on what to do when your mouth is on fire, spicy facts, myth-busting (no, a pregnant woman does not give birth faster if she eats spicy things) and much more.

Not only will you learn to make your own hot sauce, you will also discover which style suits you! With 40 surprising dishes to get started with right away.


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