Best Hot Sauce & Sambal Pack

You can now get the best of Dutch Chili Fest 2023 in one value pack. The winner of best hot sauce was of course our own The O.G. Hot Sauce and the best sambal of the year was won by Trouble & Spice Funky Vegan. This spicy stuff will put you in the perfect mood for the upcoming Dutch Chili Fest ’24, which will take place on April 14 in the Klokgebouw in Eindhoven! More information about these two prize winners can be found below, but you can’t miss with the best hot sauce and sambal.

Origin: Netherlands


The O.G. Hot Sauce - Best Dutch Hot Sauce 2023

The O.G. Hot Sauce is the first official Heatsupply hot sauce and winner of the 1st place in the "Best Hot Sauce of The Netherlands" contest at Dutch Chili Fest 2023. ! The O.G. is our take on an 'original hot sauce' and it's a versatile flavour bomb. Big hits of red Jalapeños and Habaneros, garlic, cumin, fried onion and black pepper will make this your new favourite hot sauce for almost everything. Let it drip on tacos, burgers, chicken or anything that needs a bit more excitement and flavour.

Origin: The Netherlands

Content: 150 ml

Trouble & Spice Funky Vegan - Best Sambal 2023

Get ready to add some funk to your dishes with this Trouble & Spice Funky Vegan sambal, which was voted best sambal of 2023 at Dutch Chili Fest 2023! Inspired by the bold and spicy flavors of Malaysia, this sambal is a vegan version of the traditional sambal made with trassi (belachan/shrimp) that packs all the funky flavors without the use of animal products. This sambal is very versatile and can be used to add to rice dishes, tofu or even a cheese sandwich. Mix it with peanut butter for a lazy satay sauce.

Origin: Rotterdam, Netherlands

Contents: 200 ml

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In this pack you will find the winners of Dutch Chili Fest 2023! The best hot sauce: The O.G. Hot Sauce and of course the best sambal: Trouble & Spice Funky Vegan. More information about these products can be found above.

Additional information

The O.G. Hot Sauce - Best Dutch Hot Sauce 2023

Country / Continent

The Netherlands


Sweet, Savoury, Sour / Tart

Heat Level

Medium Hot


Jalapeño, Habanero





1 review for Best Hot Sauce & Sambal Pack

  1. Tobias Buschlinger

    Its ok, reminds me completely of Chio Chips Dip, just a lil hotter. Honestly, Ive expected more from THE dutch hot sauce but its ok

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