Mouth on fire after eating hot food? These 5 things will help you cool down

Did you go a little too hard on the hot sauce? That can cause your mouth to feel like it’s on fire. We like the burning sensation, but it can become too much. At that point you will want something to ease the pain/fire. These 5 things will help you.


Capsaicin is the chemical compound that makes your mouth feel like it’s on fire after eating spicy food. Milk and other dairy products contain the protein casein, which helps break down the capsaicin. That means dairy products will probably help you the most. Especially when it’s cold milk or ice cream.



Products such as bread, rice and potatoes contain starch. This causes a kind of seperation between your mouth and the capsaicin, resulting in feeling a lot less pain.


Sugar doesn’t break down anything, but it mainly distracts you from the pain. Cover your mouth with a layer of sugar and it will distract your senses. When the effect wears of you can just spit out the sugar. This also works with honey.


Acid from for example a lime, lemon, orange, pineapple or tomato helps neutralize the effect of capsaicin. Not entirely, but it helps.

Dark chocolate

Dark chocolate contains a high percentage of fat. The fat helps to get rid of the capsaicin.

Our favorite medicin is milk, but almost always it provides just a limited and brief relief. The heat gets less for a while, but it almost always comes back. In other words, just accept it and sit it out. Just like the bad ass you are.

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One response to “Mouth on fire after eating hot food? These 5 things will help you cool down”

  1. SteWe says:

    Hi guys, i might have another addition to this list i descovered recently and is since my favorite way to cope with hellish heat.
    Walnuts, or any nuts with a high amount of fat. I find that to be realy smoothing out and clear your mouth from the capsaicin.

    p.s.: You are the real deal for shopping hot sauce. A friend of mine showed me your site and i´m looking foreward to order some.


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