Meet the Apollo pepper: the world’s newest hottest pepper!?

Is the Apollo pepper the new hottest pepper in the world?

A few seasons ago, Sean Evans revealed the new hot sauces for the 13th season of Hot Ones. Down below you can watch the full reveal, in which we saw a few familiar brands and sauces, but the biggest surprise of all was the new number 10: The Last Dab Apollo. Back then, this was a new version of Hot Ones’ own hot sauce, made with a completely new pepper: The Apollo pepper. It’s Smokin’ Ed Currie’s latest creation and according to Sean Evans it’s his most ferocious creation ever.

Is the Apollo pepper the world’s newest hottest pepper in the world?

An incredibly intense heat build and tears rolling down your cheeks, just a few things that are named to describe the power of the pepper/sauce, but Sean also calls it the most delicious and ferocious pepper Smokin’ Ed ever created. Showrunner Chris Schonberger even doubted if it should be in the show, because it might be too intense for celebrities. But is the Apollo pepper the new hottest pepper in the world? That remains unclear.

Apollo: a hybrid between the Carolina Reaper and Pepper X

The Apollo pepper is a hybrid between the two hottest creations of Smokin’ Ed until now: the Carolina Reaper (former hottest pepper in the world) and Pepper X (oficially the new hottest pepper in the world). Heat-wise it will obviously be a monster, but if it will become officially the hottest is unknown at the moment. It should pass the 3 million Scoville Heat Units to pass the Pepper X. Flavor-wise it’s a combination of the ‘fruity’ flavor of the Reaper and the earthy flavor of the Pepper X. According to Sean it was by far the hottest version of the Last Dab ever.

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Feast your eyes on the our newest addition to The Last Dab family. Everyone welcome The Last Dab Apollo🔥 #HotOnes

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Although it is still unknown exactly how hot the Apollo pepper is, people are supsecting that it could well become the future successor to the Pepper X.  Currently that officially is the hottest pepper in the world. Here you can check out a handy overview of all the peppers in the world ranked by their Scoville score.

19 responses to “Meet the Apollo pepper: the world’s newest hottest pepper!?”

  1. dave says:

    pepper x is a scam. Apollo does not exist well. the hottest pepper i ate is the 7pot brain strain provided by magic plant farms. going to try their carolina reaper next week.

  2. Lenny says:

    I agree with Dave. Pepper x is a good way of making money for Ed…. where is it? I grew peppers for a living and made hot sauces i sold at retail and wholesale. Primo and Brain sauces ALWAYS hotter than Reaper. Brand sauces based on Reaper are usually mild compared to the other superhots. Ed….dave just had an opinion and I do care , I do think his palate is on the level.

  3. schmokin Steve vindaloo says:

    Here’s my opinion…and although I occasionally mouth breath after a long night of savagery, I think schmokin ed is a bad ass and producing some of the world’s hottest and most revolutionary products, and if u don’t like it… let’s see u do better. Also, i agree with Ed, if you’re too inbred to complete a coherent sentence then your opinion is invalid.

  4. Jim the Man says:

    Most chiliheads know Pepper X is a just a marketing gimmick from the guy who ripped off the 7-Pot Primo and called it the Carolina Reaper.

    There are plenty of impressive plants out there that are not make believe and are just as intense as anything else you can find. Reapers, Pepper X and Apollo are all outdated and obsolete anyway. They belong in a retirement home or a museum.

    The new ones making their rounds are far superior to those old Creapers.

    • Mark says:

      So, if the Reaper is a knock off of the 7 pot, what else was added with the Reaper? I have had both peppers and the reaper is by superior in both taste and heat and intensity. My opinion, but I have grown peppers for the past 10 years and when at the local farmers market, everyone asks when will the reapers be ready. Very few ask for the 7 pot.

  5. Daniel says:

    Ngl just started looking into these peppers and this all seems pretty cool. Does anyone know how I could crossbreed my own peppers?

  6. Alex C says:

    I tried this yesterday. It hurts!

  7. Russell says:

    It burns good taste but it burns Apollo is the best. Hottest shit I’ve ever ate. I don’t care to know how its made but it’s good.

  8. big ned says:

    shits weak, hot tamales hotter.

  9. Tom W says:

    Liking the Apollo sauce. Pretty dang hot but a good flavor.

  10. Floyd Harris says:

    To Raven on your link for pepper x seeds: Why would Indonesia be selling/shipping Ed Curry’s Peppwr X seeds before he himself released them in the U.S.? Something’s not right with that.I have been trying to buy the seeds from him for years now, but he hasn’t released them.

  11. Annemarie Navarro says:

    So my daughter..she’s 24 ordered a 3 pack of sauces. She tried 2 drops on a chicken nugget..this was in July….following this she has massive digestive issues..both ends within an hour. Followed by uncontrollable puking that lasted a week..we ended up in the emergency room to stop it and get fluids into her. A month later..again back in the month again to the ER. We are now waiting to see a gastro dr. I think this stuff burned her stomach..possibly gave her an ulcer…we will see after this visit..she’s been puking again for days..she only ate it the one time in July and hasn’t been able to eat normally since…she never has any stomach problems before this!

  12. Tomas says:

    As of10/18/ 2023 Smokin Ed has been officially verified to be the curator of the hottest pepper in the world, Pepper X at 2,963,000 so I can’t eat to see what Apollo is going to be like.

  13. Thank you for sharing your info. I really appreciate your efforts and I will be waiting for your next write-ups thanks once again.

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