These were the 3 sauces in our March hot sauce subscription box

During the madness of the corona-crisis at the end of March it was time to send out our ‘Need For Heat’ box to our subscribers again. Despite the tough times the amount of subscribers had grown seriously, which means hot sauce is high on the list of priorities during these dark days.

The subscribers already know what was in the box, but we want to share the content of our hot sauce subscription box with the rest as well. Just so the people know what they’re missing. Here we go!

Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce with a Tropical Twist

Let’s start off with the hot sauce we already had on our webshop. It’s one of the bestsellers since the time we introduced it on our webshop and for multiple reasons it has become a fan favourite. This iconic Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce is our first tip when a customer asks for a hot sauce that is fruity, sweet and spicy. Mango, pineapply and banana create the fruity and sweet part, while fresh Habanero’s give the sauce a decent kick. Last but not least, it’s also known from the YouTube show Hot Ones. Dirty Dick’s Hot Sauce can be ordered here.

Maison Mistral Hot Sauce

We always try to create a very varied box. Not just based on flavor profile and spicyness, but also based on the origin of the sauce. This hot sauce is from France and that’s a first for us. It’s a delicious, fairly mild hot sauce with subtle flavors of roasted garlic, rosemary, thyme and oregano. All of them are ingredients from the south of France and they make this sauce perfect for pizza and pasta.

Born to Hula Ghost of Ancho Hot Sauce

We end this reveal with the spiciest one and that’s this Ghost of Ancho, by the American brand Born to Hula. This sauce was on our wishlist for quite a while, because of the huge number of positive reviews and the multiple awards it has won. It’s an amazing savoury and smokey hot sauce that’s made with red & orange Habanero, Ancho Chili and Ghost Pepper. So you can expect a very nice kick that lingers, but tastewise it’s just as intense. The paprika, garlic, onion and smoked chili powder make this a taste bomb that is great on all kinds of meat. We even dare to predict this will be your number 1 hot sauce during the barbecue season.

We can imagine you’re a bit bummed right now if you didn’t receive this box, but don’t worry, you can order the sauces now. Still, it would be more awesome to be surprised with a nice selection of hot sauces every 2 months. You can subscribe for our Need For Heat subscription box right here.

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