These were the 3 hot sauces in our Need For Heat May subscription box

The end of every uneven month means one thing for hot sauce lovers: the new Need For Heat subscription box is going to be sent out. At the end of May it was that time again and we were kind of surprised by the amount of new fans that subscribed for the hottest subscription box in Europe. The subscribers will know what was in the box this time, but we also want to share it with our followers. Just to make sure you know what you’re missing. And it was a very tasty and varied selection again.

Need For Heat hot sauce subscription box (May)

First a brief explanation about the hot sauce subscription box for people who are unfamiliar with it: every 2 months we send out a box with 3 surprise hot sauces to our subscribers. Two of the three are guaranteed new and at the moment we send them not available at our webshop. The third sauce is one that we already sell on our webshop. In total there is for a minimum of €25 sauces in the box, while you only pay €22,50 every 2 months (excluding shipping costs). Ideal right? More info about the Need For Heat hot sauce subscription box can be found here.

Tia Lupita Original

We will start with the sauce that was already on our webshop, but it is actually also almost new. The Tia Lupita Original hot sauce has only been on our webshop for a few weeks and nowhere else in Europe. It’s a real classic in California, especially in San Fransisco. The main ingredient is red Jalapeño and that is combined with garlic, oregano and cumin to create a delicious and savoury flavor that goes well with almost everything. The Tia Lupita hot sauce is available here.

Tom’s Scotch Bonnet Sauce

From the rainy and often cold Scotland comes a surprisingly fruity hot sauce. Mangoes might not be the first thing you think about when thinking about Scotland, but it is the main ingredient in this hot sauce. It is very present in the scent and flavor, but you can definitely pick up the lime juice and ginger as well. The Scotch Bonnet gives it a spicy touch, without being overpowering. The great looking bottle is another nice extra. Tom’s Scotch Bonnet Sauce is available here.

Cry Baby Craig’s

All the way from Minnesota, USA comes this extraordinary and delicious hot sauce. Cry Baby Craig’s hot sauce with garlic & Habanero is not just a regular habanero hot sauce. It’s made with pickled habaneros, which gives this hot sauce a very unique and refined flavor. Amazing on pizzas and pastas! Cry Baby Craig’s hot sauce is in Europe exclusively available at Heatsupply.

In the case you are a bit bummed right now that you didn’t receive this box with delicious hot sauces, you could order the sauces, but you can also subscribe for the next subscription box. Subscribing for the Need For Heat subscription box can be done here.

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