These were the 3 hot sauces in our Need For Heat January box

At the end of January it was time to send out the third Need For Heat subscription box. The number of boxes is growing every time and we’re happy with that, because what is more fun than surprising hot sauce fans with the best hot sauces? The subscribers know what they got, but we want to share the contents of the box with the rest as well. Just so you know what you’re missing. The January box was filled with delicious and very varied stuff. As usual.

Raijmakers Heetmakers Tranquilizer

Let’s start with the sauce that was already on the webshop: the Tranquilizer by Raijmakers Heetmakers. This Dutch hot sauce is not only very good looking, but also very tasty. It’s made with Habanero peppers, sweet potato and carrots. It’s a classic hot sauce which is super versatile, slightly smokey and focused on the fresh taste of Habanero peppers and carrots. A great sauce you can put on litteraly everything. The Raijmakers Heetmakers Tranquilizer can be ordered here.

Sierra Nevada Salsa de Mostaza y Habanero

From sunny Spain this is a delicious mustard style hot sauce from the brand Sierra Nevada. This is such a good sauce you will toss out your normal mustard en never buy it again, because this is the ultimate replacement. It has that great and typical mustard flavor with a lightly sweet touch and a surprising amount of heat. Goes perfectly with sandwiches and everything you use normal mustard for right now.

Lucky Dog Black Label

We already offered some sauces from the American brand Lucky Dog, but we saved the best for our subscribers. This Black Label is created with some very special ingredients, resulting in one of the best hot sauces we ever tried. No joke. Jalapeños & Scorpion peppers supply the heat and are combined with onion, apple sauce, garlic, figs, agave syrup and Ghost Pepper infused sea salt. A taste bomb in the best way possible and especially great with meats such as pork and chicken.

A little bummed out that you didn’t receive this awesome January box? No worries, because from now on everyone can order these sauces (until they’re sold out ofcourse). You could also subscribe to the Need For Heat subscription box yourself and never miss one again.

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