These are the 5 phases every hot sauce lover has gone through

When you have had your first hot sauce experience, it seems as if there is no way back. It starts with something you’re curious about and just want to try once, but it ends in an addiction. Before you get to that last phase (of an addict, in a good way) you will go through a few other phases. In what phase are you currently?

Curious or scared

Some people never get passed this phase and it’s connected with how you live your life. Some people are curious and want to try everything, while others won’t and come with excuses such as ‘I really can’t handle spicy food’ while they have actually never really tried it. Only the first group can progress to phase 2.

First time

When someone gets their first hot sauce experience it can be quite intense. Even if it is ‘just’ Sriracha, Tabasco, Cholula or a mild Sambal. Your mouth is on fire for the first time. After that burn has disappeared you feel alive. That was actually really good.


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Pretty familiair, right? 😅 #hotsaucelover

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That first time left a great impression, so you decide to buy your first bottle of hot sauce. You are still pretty cautious with it though.


The amount of hot sauce you pour on your food gets bigger and the collection of hot sauces in your fridge is growing. You can handle the hot sauces and the heat better and better. That’s a necessary thing, because you want that burn with every meal by now.


In your fridge you’ll find a big variety of hot sauces. From extremely hot to super fruity. Like a sommelier of hot sauces you know which type of hot sauce goes perfectly with which type of food and you share your love for hot sauce and advise with everyone you know.


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We actually have hot sauces for every phase you are currently in. All hot sauces in our webshop are categorized per heat level, so you can pick the sauces that match your hot sauce phase. Enjoy!

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