Dawson’s Zuzu’s 7-Pot Hot Sauce

This Dawson’s Zuzu’s 7-Pot hot sauce is known from Hot Ones and is a special extremely hot sauce. Not only because of the combination of fruity 7-Pot peppers and Ghost Peppers, but especially because of the addition of two special ingredients: fennel seed and Sambuca! When you open it, the recognizable scents of those two ingredients hit immediately. These are also the first two things that come in when tasting, but that quickly makes way for the brutal heat of the two super hot peppers. Yet it is not too sharp, partly due to the use of paprika, sugars (maple syrup) and garlic. A very good (and hot) sauce for pasta & pizza, wings and as a marinade.

Origin: Hamilton, Ontario (Canada)

Contents: 155 ml


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Dawson’s Zuzu’s 7-Pot Hot Sauce Ingredients: Red Pepper, 7-Pot Puree (7-Pot Peppers, Vinegar), Garlic, Sugars (Maple Syrup), Vinegar, Extra Virgin Olive Oil, Sambuca, Fennel Seed, Ghost Pepper, Sea Salt.

This hot sauce is known from the YouTube show Hot Ones. In season 22 it was on wing #9 of the 10.

Nutritional values per 100gr:
Energy: 200 kcal
Fat: 8 grams
of which saturated fats: 2 grams
Carbohydrates: 20 grams
of which sugars: 20 grams
Protein: 2 grams
Salt: 1 gram

Shake before use and keep refrigerated after opening.

Additional information

Country / Continent




Heat Level

Extremely Hot


Fruity, Sweet, Savoury


7-Pot, Ghost Pepper / Bhut Jolokia




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