Avocado Baked Eggs with Bacon & Hot Sauce

image of an avocado with egg, bacon and hot sauce

Do you like avocado, egg, bacon and hot sauce? If the answer is ‘yes’ then you’d better follow along our 20th Hot Sauce Recipe. We are not just going to bake an egg, no, this time we are going to bake one inside an avocado. That’s not only very tasty, but also very good looking.

 Below you will find the recipe video with the Avocado Baked Eggs, Bacon and hot sauce recipe. Rather read the instructions? Then scroll below the video.



  1. Pre-heat your oven at 180 degrees celsius.
  2. Cut an avocado through the middle, remove the seed and remove some extra avocado to create a bigger hole. It has to be big enough to fit one egg.
  3. Take an oven dish and put both sides of the avocado against the sides so that they can’t move around or flip. Add a pinch of salt, black pepper and some hot sauce in the avocado.
  4. Now let’s drop an egg into each side of the avocado and add another pinch of salt. Put the oven dish inside the oven (180 degrees celsius) for 20 minutes.
  5. In the meantime we will fry the bacon. Do this in a pan over high heat, without oil or butter. Fry the bacon until golden brown and put on a paper towel when it’s done. Slice some chives and dice the small tomatoes. Now wait until the avocado and eggs are done.
  6. Get the avocado and eggs out of the oven after 20 minutes. Put the avocado out of the oven dish, add the sliced chives, bacon, tomato and more hot sauce.
  7. There you go. There’s your Avocado Baked Eggs with Bacon and Hot Sauce. Doesn’t it look fantastic? Enjoy!

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