Fil Shatta Jam

This Fil Shatta Jam is a delicious sweet and spicy jam based on Habanero Shatta brine. What is shatta? That’s a Palestinian fermented chili paste. Sounds crazy to use for jam, but we promise you: this stuff is addictive! The base is formed by yellow pepper and the sweet flavours mainly come from the apple cider vinegar and sugar. The Habanero Shatta brine provides depth, spiciness, savouriness, but also a nice touch of acidity. If you like sweet & spicy you have to try this. This Fil Shatta Jam is especially delicious in combination with (hard and soft) cheese, fried food or as a salad dressing.

Origin: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Contents: 167 ml/120 grams


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Fil Shatta Jam Ingredients: Yellow Bell Pepper, Apple Cider Vinegar, Sugar, Habanero Shatta Brine.

Store cool and dark. Keep refrigerated after opening and top with olive oil after use to keep fresh.


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