Dried Habanero Peppers (100 grams)

Habaneros are one of the most famous and popular peppers in the world, mainly due to their serious heat and complex flavour. This pepper has a fruity, almost floral and sweet taste, which makes it perfect for (hot) sauces, powder and rubs. These dried Habaneros have also been smoked, so in addition to being deliciously fruity, they also have a smoky flavour. Order your dried Habaneros here!

Origin: Mexico

Contents: 100 grams


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You can find Mexican dried peppers at Heatsupply, including these dried Habanero peppers. These dried Habanero peppers are smoked and therefore, in addition to their originally fruity flavor, also certainly have a smoky flavor. The Habanero pepper is very spicy with a Scoville score of approximately 150.000 to 325.000!


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