Is your love for spicy food a sign of intelligence?

Do people say you’re crazy when you pour another load of hot sauce over your food? That might be uncalled for, because according to Amercan researchers your love for spicy food could be the result of pure intelligence and a strong character.

Link between intelligence and spicy food

Dr. Paul Rozin of the University of Pennsylvania has a theory that might explain why there is a link between intelligence and love for spicy food. He says that people are always searching for sensation and compares eating a pepper with a rollercoaster ride. Rozin sees it as a good form of masochism and an outing of character.

But how can people actually enjoy the experience and the sensation of pain? According to Rozin that might have something to do with intelligence. He says that humans are the only creatures on earth who can enjoy feelings of pain. Especially because they can realise at the same time that this pain is not causing any danger to their health. Other creatures (besides birds) see this pain as a danger and that’s why they don’t eat peppers. Only the most developed creatures with the biggest brains, most complex thoughts and biggest self-awareness can enjoy eating a hot pepper / very hot sauce.

We know it’s just a theory, but it’s one we love to believe. For obvious reasons. So when you give hot sauce or peppers to someone as a gift, remember you’re giving him/her the biggest compliment possible. So check out all our hot sauces and surprise someone in these challenging times.

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