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Will you add Hot Ones sauces like ‘The Last Dab’ to your webshop?

Will you add Hot Ones sauces like ‘The Last Dab’ to your webshop?
3 June 2020 Stan - Heatsupply
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The question: ‘what is the hottest sauce you sell?‘ is without a doubt the most frequently asked question, but it’s closely followed by this question: ‘will you add The Last Dab (XXX) to your webshop?’ We answer questions like these gladly, because we like to help fellow hot sauce fans. That’s also the reason why we want to answer that question in this article.

Will you add ‘The Last Dab’ to your webshop?

It’s mainly ‘The Last Dab’ that hot sauce fans ask for, but also the other official Hot Ones sauces they have created with Heatonist like ‘The Classic’ or ‘Los Calientes’ (which they created with Karma Sauces). Unfortunately the answer to that question is always answered with a ‘no’. Not because we don’t want to, because we really would like to. The reasonably simple answer is that we can’t add them to our webshop.

Like we said Hot Ones developed these sauces with Heatonist, an American (web)shop for hot sauces and the official partner of Hot Ones. This means they offer these sauces exclusively via Heatonist and that means we can’t add it to our webshop. Understandable, but unfortunate for us ofcourse.

Luckily we do offer a lot of sauces that have been in the popular YouTube show. Here you can find our assortment of Hot Ones sauces.

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