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Hot Sauce & BBQ

How to combine hot sauces at a BBQ

Hot Sauce & BBQ

The barbecue season is in full swing and a good barbecue session needs a nice selection of hot sauces. But which hot sauces pair best with different barbecue dishes? On this page we give you 3 hot sauce tips for every category and we try to explain why these sauces pair so well.


With chicken you can think about the sweeter and more fruity hot sauces. Especially when the sun is out during a barbecue session, the hot sauce can have a tropical twist. Think about sweeter hot sauces with tropical fruit, such as pineapple, mango & papaya. That’s why we have chosen the following 3 hot sauces.


Red meat such as beef can be great without any sauce, but you can really take it to the next level with a rich and complex hot sauce that fits the flavor perfectly. How about a delicious combination of bell pepper & Habanero, a hot sauce with blueberry or even beer?


With pork we usually think about smoky hot sauces (with a bit of sweetness). These sauces should always be present to create the ultimate barbecue experience by the way. It’s no surprise that sauces made with Chipotle chilis or other roasted ingredients are the perfect sauces that fit the smoky flavor profile. These are our 3 favorites.


Most types of fish are most delicious with a fresh and tangy sauce where a citrus fruit plays a central part. Think about sauces with lime or clementine for expample. Also, caribbean flavors are usually a good match with your piece of fish from the bbq. That can also contain some mustard flavors (especially with salmon).


Ofcourse there are also hot sauces that pair great with your favorite veggies from the barbecue. We usually choose a milder sauce with lots of herbs that give the vegetables even more flavor and a bit of a kick. Garlic is also always a great addition and with a nice summer salad we choose a fresh and slightly sour hot sauce.