The best hot sauces for the autumn months

beste hot sauces herfst

Autumn has arrived and while it may have a negative image (as it follows the summer and there is quite a bit of rain), we think it’s a beautiful season. Nature is at its most beautiful, the warm sweaters are back again and it is the time for delicious stews and game. Delicious food that literally warms your body. This is especially nice in times where people are looking for creative solutions to keep your energy bill within limits. But, there is a way to keep yourself even warmer: use hot sauce with those typical autumn dishes. Fortunately, there are a lot of sauces that go perfectly with those, but these are our absolute favorites. And we can say that one brand is the king of autumn.

Hotter Than El Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale Chipotle

Something that also fits autumn very well is a nice brown beer and that is exactly what is used in this hot sauce. And you can taste that very well! The taste of the malty, slightly sweet beer comes out nicely and combined with the smoky Chipotle pepper, red Jalapeño and Worcestershire sauce, a kind of steak sauce is created with a fairly light burn. Delicious with your favorite meat dishes (from the barbecue) and especially great on a steak or in a stew. Hotter Than El Duke’s Cold Nose Brown Ale Chipotle can be ordered here.

Midsummer Louisiana Style

A Louisiana Style hot sauce is certainly not the first thing that comes to mind when you think of autumn, but the Norwegian brand Midsummer has given it a unique twist. This sauce has matured in bourbon barrels for 12 months and you can taste that very well. It is exactly that touch that makes it surprisingly good for the fall in our opinion. Think, for example, of grilled (autumn) vegetables, burgers with onions that you caramelize in butter and top it off with this sauce or some mashed potatoes. Midsummer Louisiana Style hot sauce can be ordered here.

Karma Cherry Bomb

Then we have arrived at the king of autumn as far as we are concerned: Karma Sauces and in particular this Cherry Bomb hot sauce. The ingredients scream autumn/winter: a blend of sour cherries, ground coffee and subtle hints of cinnamon & cloves. Great in combination with game, but definitely the ultimate hot sauce for stews. With a good dose of Habaneros it also has a lot of heat and we can use that during the colder months. You can order Karma Cherry Bomb hot sauce here.

Karma Hole Mole

In no time this sauce has become one of our all time favorite hot sauces and although it is inspired by a Mexican sauce (not really autumnal) we think this Holé Molé is ideal for this time of year. This is mainly due to the slightly smoky taste of the Ancho pepper in combination with sweet, dark fruits such as blackcurrants, figs, mulberry and plum. However, the star of the show is the 100% dark chocolate and that gives it that extra warm taste. We also find it surprisingly versatile in that respect, because this sauce works well in stews, with game, chicken, Mexican dishes and so on. You can order Karma Holé Molé here.

Karma Extreme Karma

We close it off with a hat trick from Karma and it is also the hottest of these 5 sauces. Bhut Jolokia (Ghost Pepper) and Trinidad Scorpion peppers provide the heat, but it’s mainly the other ingredients that make this a quintessential fall sauce: pumpkin, sweet potato and honey. Nice and sweet and very tasty with grilled vegetables, pumpkin soup and many different stews. Karma Extreme Karma hot sauce can be ordered here.

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