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Our favourite products of the moment

On our Staff Picks page you will find our founders’ and employees’ favorite products of the moment. Mostly hot sauces, but every now and then we choose other spicy products that you can get on our webstore. So scroll down, get to know us and find out which products (and why) have been chosen as our favourites at the moment. We update this list regularly.

Name: Stan
Function: Owner.
Likes: Kendrick Lamar, Game of Thrones & The Dark Knight and Football.
Food: Burgers & Asian.
Drink: Craft Beer & Whisky
All-time fav hot sauce: Queen Majesty Red Habanero & Black Coffee

Keith’s Burger Sauce – Almost every Saturday I make a delicious burger for dinner and if I go the more ‘classic’ direction in terms of toppings, then this Keith’s Burger Sauce is a great addition. The mustard content is quite high, but I find that very nice on a burger. The tangyness that cuts through the savory and sweet from the cheese and (caramelized) onions. The smoked Jalapeños and Serranos provide a light kick, without getting really hot. Just a really good (cheese)burger sauce, as the name suggests.

Torchbearer Honey Badger With a few exceptions, I don’t often use hot sauces in the ‘very hot’ or ‘extremely hot’ category, but this Honey Badger is such an exception. With Trinidad Scorpion and Carolina Reaper peppers there is more than enough heat that also builds up nicely, but the sweetness of the honey makes it just a little bit easier to handle. And then the flavor: wow! By also adding some mustard, some sort of very hot honey-mustard sauce has been created that is really delicious with grilled salmon, (fried) chicken and all kinds of sandwiches.

Onima Nantesa – My list of ‘picks’ cannot be complete without a good all-round hot sauce and that’s this Onima Nantesa at the moment. You might not necessarily expect an all-round sauce with special ingredients such as kombucha, ginger and lemon, but the flavors match perfectly and are so subtle that none of these ingredients are too present. If there is one ingredient that stands out a bit more, it’s the ginger and that makes it extra good in Asian cuisine. In addition, it is also just a very cool ‘microbatch’ brand with equally cool labels. This hot sauce was also part of our subscription box from March.

Name: Freek.
Function: Eigenaar.
Likes: Drake, NBA, F*ck That’s Delicious (VICE).
Food: Pizza & Taco’s.
Drink: Primitivo.
All-time fav sauce: Queen Majesty Scotch Bonnet & Ginger.

Steel City Jade Jaguar – A type of hot sauce that I always have in my fridge is a “verde”. In other words, a green hot sauce, often made with jalapeños and the zesty taste of lime. One of my new favourite sauces in this category is Steel City’s Jade Jaguar. Just a super well-balanced verde with the addition of onion, garlic and a tiny bit of coriander. Perfect for tacos, but also great on burgers or sandwiches.

Heartbeat Red Habanero – Besides a verde, I always need a good all-round hot sauce in my collection. One that you can eat with practically all types of food. A lot of brands claim that you can throw their sauces on everything, but as far as I’m concerned there are only a few sauces where this actually applies. The Red Habanero from Heartbeat is such an example. Straight up heat and flavour with ingredients like fermented habaneros, red pepper, onion, garlic and a small pinch of sugar. This is one you can definitely eat with practically everything.

Sweet Heat hot honey I’m in the phase again where I’d want to make fresh pizzas every day. Luckily, I don’t have time to do so, but a few times a month I fire up my pizza oven and bake some Neapolitan-style pizzas. As soon as that pie hits my plate, Sweet Heat’s hot honey goes directly over it. Often followed by another hot sauce, but the spicy sweetness of Hot Honey has become almost indispensable for pizzas. Highly recommended.

Naam: Ruth.
Functie: Order fulfillment.
Likes: Music, singing, food, cats, my hubby & son.
FoodPasta, pizza & curry.
DrinkPrimitivo, Chardonnay, classic Mojito.
All-time favo hot sauceMy hot sauce addiction started with Marie Sharp’s Mild Habanero Pepper Sauce.

Torchbearer Danny Wood’s Jalapeño & Cilantro sauce – I often end up with dark smokey hot sauces as my favorites, but this is a lovely fresh green sauce to add to your fridge. The sauce is rather mild, but it’s a true flavour bomb with a good dose of garlic, coriander and lime. The black pepper is a bit unexpected, but it is certainly a good addition. If you aren’t on “team coriander” yet, this sauce might change that.

Karma Ghost Island hot sauce – I was pleasantly surprised by this fruity hot sauce, with it’s orange and mango. For me it’s on the edge of what I like in terms of heat. But when dosed in the right way, this sauce lifts my fried fish to a higher level. The mustard undertone also makes it very suitable for sandwiches and gives your “norma” hot dog a fancy Caribbean twist.

Hot Ones The Classic Garlic Fresno Edition – At first glance, this hot sauce didn’t seem very exciting to me, but those who have been following our staff picks for a while now know that I am a huge garlic fan. So I had to try this sauce. And that certainly did not disappoint! A super versatile sauce with garlic and black pepper in the lead role, yummm! The heat is mild, making this a great sauce for anyone (who loves garlic).