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Our favourite products of the moment

On our Staff Picks page you will find our founders’ and employees’ favorite products of the moment. Mostly hot sauces, but every now and then we choose other spicy products that you can get on our webstore. So scroll down, get to know us and find out which products (and why) have been chosen as our favourites at the moment. We update this list regularly.

Name: Stan
Function: Owner.
Likes: Kendrick Lamar, Game of Thrones & The Dark Knight and Football.
Food: Burgers & Asian.
Drink: Craft Beer & Whisky
All-time fav hot sauce: Queen Majesty Red Habanero & Black Coffee

Torchbearer Headless HorseradishMaking burgers is a passion of mine, but you could put building a good sandwich under that same category. One of the best hot sauces for that is this Headless Horseradish by Torchbearer. With the flavors of the sharp horseradish, garlic and lemon it is the ideal sandwich spread, but be careful. The Ghost Pepper in this sauce packs a decent punch that lingers for quite a while! This hot sauce is also incredible with different kinds of seafood.

Shaquanda’s West Indian Curry I really enjoy a good curry and although it can often be spicy enough without hot sauce, this West Indian Curry really adds something extra to curries. Not necessarily because of the heat, because it is not very hot, but in terms of flavor. This hot sauce, with a spice mix of turmeric, ginger, allspice, cinnamon and thyme, really takes your curry to a next level. My go-to curry sauce at the moment.

Karma Cherry Bomb – Now that autumn is in full swing, the time for soul-warming stews is starting again and in my opinion this is the hot sauce that best represents this time of year in terms of flavor due to a blend of sour cherries, ground coffee and subtle hints of cinnamon and cloves. Those flavors also go perfectly with most stews, so you should simply have a bottle of Karma Cherry Bomb in the kitchen this fall/winter.

Name: Freek.
Function: Eigenaar.
Likes: Drake, NBA, F*ck That’s Delicious (VICE).
Food: Pizza & Taco’s.
Drink: Primitivo.
All-time fav sauce: Queen Majesty Scotch Bonnet & Ginger.

La Pimenterie Royal BourbonNow that autumn has arrived, I am more and more often reaching for sauces with deep flavors. The Royal Bourbon from La Pimenterie is a perfect example. The smoked pasilla peppers, dates, bourbon and even cocoa powder give this sauce a very warm and deep flavor that goes well with stews or other meat dishes.

Raijmakers Heetmakers Tranquilizer This all-round sauce is ideal to give your dish a little heat, without completely taking over the taste of the dish. The balance of the spicy habanero and savory ingredients such as onion, carrot, smoked paprika and sweet potato makes this hot sauce so widely applicable: from pasta to soups and pizza to sandwich.

Heartbeat Dill Pickle Serrano We have added this sauce to our webshop only a few months ago, but it has immediately become one of my all-time favorites. If you don’t like pickles, then you better stay away from this Serrano hot sauce with a big dose of dill and pickles. I mainly throw this sauce over (grilled cheese) sandwiches, but it also fits perfectly in a burger or hot dogs. Delicious stuff.

Naam: Ruth.
Functie: Order fulfillment.
Likes: Music, singing, food, cats, my hubby & son.
FoodPasta, pizza & curry.
DrinkPrimitivo, Chardonnay, classic Mojito.
All-time favo hot sauceMy hot sauce addiction started with Marie Sharp’s Mild Habanero Pepper Sauce.

Torchbearer Habanero Evil – A new Torchbearer in the Heatsupply line up. The cool artwork got my attention at first and it most definitly didn’t dissapoint me. Although the sauce is a little thin, so watch out when you’re pouring.. It directly pleased my taste buds. Maybe I’m a bit prejudiced, because I’m an absolute garlic lover. And you can’t miss the garlic in this one.. But I’m sure you will love this one to. At this moment it’s the hot sauce that I use on a daily basis. An “evil” good and versatile hot sauce!

Dirty Dick’s No Name Chipotle – I only recently got to taste the No Name Chipotle from dirty dick’s. I was absolutely surprised by this little taste bomb. In a good way of course. A unique chipolte hot sauce if you ask me. There’s the smokeyness and a rich taste because of the cocoa and coffee. Perfect for a burger, a steak or give the sausage with your Dutch “stamppot” a little twist.

Hush Hush Habanero Sweet Potato – Don’t let the word “sweet” and the fancy bottle misguide you, because this sauce is pretty bad ass. When you open the bottle a lovely sweet scent hits you. The taste however is only slightly sweet with a fair amount of spice. Perfect combination between a good burn and sweetness!